Featured SAVY Yogi of the Month – Noel Paterson

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Aug 082013
Noel Paterson


Noel Paterson

I am Noel Paterson and I joined SAVY Studio in summer of 2011.
Noel Paterson
I did several sessions at other studios in London for 2 years before that.
I was excited to find SAVY–I expected more than other studios because SAVY had a full-fledged yoga master.My expectations were more than met!
Noel Paterson
I have found the sessions to be excellent for me.
Noel Paterson
I also like the many associations I’ve made with  other yoga enthusiasts at the studio.
My overall physical and mental health has improved.
Noel Paterson
I like SAVY because the whole program is geared to personal well-being — Jitender knows the right programs for each individual and a thorough screening is done to evaluate each person’s needs before beginning a program.To boot, Jitender is a medical doctor and knows what programs are suited to each individual. He amply stresses the importance of breathing techniques.
The prices are excellent–geared to everyone’s income.One could not ask for a better variety of programs suited for young and old.
This studio offers considerably more than any of the other studios that I’m familiar with.
I’m so thankful that I discovered SAVY International.
They have a terrific website too. Come and experience for yourself.
– Noel
A note from the President’s desk
It’s 8th August and we celebrate 2nd Anniversary of the SAVY Studio today. It’s a matter of great pleasure and honour to mark the beginning of the third year with this new series of FEATURED SAVY YOGI OF THE MONTH on this auspicious day.
We’ll be presenting SAVY Yogis in this series who have been learning the right kind of yoga with right techniques, have done really well for themselves and are a guiding light and a source of great inspiration for others.
It’s heartening and a matter of great pride to present Noel Paterson as SAVY Yogi this month. His enthusiasm, understanding and  perseverance is exemplary and a source of great inspiration to everyone at SAVY Studio, including me. Over the last two years, he has been very regular and his dedication has had obvious results, as is quite evident from the photographs.
Keep it up, Noel! We love you.
– Jitender
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