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Free Yoga Teacher Training



Enter SAVY FREE YOGA TEACHER TRAINING CONTEST and win a brand new career for FREE!!!

SAVY 200  (RYT 200) Yoga Teacher Training

SAVY 200  (RYT 200) YOGA TEACHER TRAINING is one of the finest, most comprehensive and complete Yoga Teacher Training Certification Programs. 

SAVY 200  (RYT 200) YOGA TEACHER TRAINING meets, and even exceeds, the requirements for registration with Yoga Alliance as an RYT 200.  You get to know about the eight limbs, as well as you are set on a path to know in depth about yoga postures, pranayama, meditation, mantra, marma, yogic kriyas, shatkarma and a lot more.

 SAVY 200  (RYT 200) YOGA TEACHER TRAINING is appropriate for aspiring teachers as well as dedicated students who are interested in deepening their practice and understanding of Yoga.


One of the sacred aims of SAVY is to prepare Yoga Teachers who are well conversant with the true traditional Yoga and know its true basics. To accomplish this, under our Guru-Shishya Parampara (Teacher-Disciple) Program, SAVY International Inc. will be sponsoring training of deserving candidates who aspire to become Yoga Teachers and are ready to serve the purpose of propagating true Yoga teaching and its values.

Selection of students will be done on the basis of this contest.

We sponsor three candidates every year for our upcoming RYT 200 programs:

One Full Sponsorship : 100% of the tuition fee of the selected student will be sponsored

Two 50% Sponsorships : 50% of the tuition fee of two selected students will be sponsored.


The student:

  1. Must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
  2. Must be registered for full time (12 month) RYT 200 program.
  3. Must be available full time for the bursary academic period.
  4. Must successfully complete a level/ term/ module of full-time study in program with no Fail, Unsatisfactory or Incomplete grades during the most recent level/ term/module.
  5. Students must have an overall score of at least 60% in prior full-time studies.
  6. Can receive full-time scholarship one time only each calendar year (January 01 to December 31).
  7. August 31 is the deadline.
  8. Applications must be received by SAVY office by 4pm on the deadline date.


Students that withdraw, or no longer meet the bursary eligibility criteria may have to forfeit all or part of their award. A cancelled award will be charged against the student’s account.

How to enter Contest?

You have to apply before August 31 of the current year for courses starting after coming January.

Who can enter the contest.

Anybody who has wants to adopt Yoga teaching as a career. 

  • Step 1: Applicants must register first. Please check eligibility and other details on RYT 200 page
  • Step 2: Write a letter to the administrator explaining why you are the best candidate for scholarship. Make this letter as clear, concise and informative as possible. Please enlist all your achievements:
    • Awards: Formal recognition for something (honour roll, student of the year, an award for your extracurricular activities)
    • Clubs: What clubs at school were you involved in? Include school plays, school newspaper and yearbook committee contributions, as well as any religious youth groups where you are a member.
    • Co-op Jobs: Describe your co-op opportunity and be sure to list what you’ve learned from the experience.
    • International Exchanges: Did you travel abroad during school to study or volunteer? What did you learn about the culture?
    • Part-Time Jobs: Don’t knock part-time jobs because you can explain your experiences and highlight your skills through these opportunities.
    • Projects: Did you work on any large projects you are particularly proud of?
    • Scholastic Achievement: Any subjects you have excelled in.
    • School Associations: Involvement with your school music council or athletic association. 
    • Sports: Your position on the school team. Skills you learned
    • Student Government: Were you the president, secretary, treasurer, vice-president, class representative, or grade representative?
    • Volunteer work at school
    • Volunteer work out of school
    • Your activities related to Yoga


    • Letter for Scholarship should be accompanied by a 3-minute video which answers :
      • who you are
      • what you currently do
      • how long you have been doing yoga
      • if you know any yoga poses
      • if you have done any yoga training before
      • why you want to take Yoga as a career
      • what difference yoga can make in your life
      • how is training at SAVY going to make a difference
      • what karma (volunteer) activities you want to offer at SAVY Studios
      • what are you plans after you complete your training
    • Submit the video at SAVY Studio. 
    • You will also need to submit a thorough and detailed outline for the karma project you intend to implement in an effort to share yoga with more and more people.  SAVY may also suggest various opportunities for participation.
  • Step 3: You’ll be required to attend personal interview(s).
  • Step 4: Completion of Enrollment process. 

Apply now!

What You Need to Know!

  • Sponsorship is available for the said program only.
  • Please check eligibility before applying. In case of doubt, please check with the office.
  • Make sure your video is no longer than 3 minutes.
  • Applicants will be required to submit a thorough and detailed outline for the karma project.
  • All entries must be received by August 31 of the current year for courses starting on January 1 in the coming year.
  • Selection is subject to selection criteria set at the sole discretion of SAVY International Inc.
  • Ten participants will be selected and called for interview. Three out of them will be selected.*
  • SAVY may also suggest various opportunities for participation.
  • The candidates are expected to dedicate some gratitude time  on a yearly basis (minimum 10 hours per annum) even after completing their training.

 For the most convenient road to become a Registered Yoga Teacher, please click here.

*Selection criteria at the sole discretion of SAVY International Inc. Offer subject to a stipulated minimum number of participants. Conditions apply.


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