Private Yoga Lessons

Private Yoga Lessons

Private Yoga Lessons

Yoga Therapy

Why Private Yoga Lessons?

Private yoga lessons are a great way to begin or deepen a personal yoga practice.

Having trouble getting motivated?

Is your goal strength, balance, or flexibility?

Recovering from an injury?

Or, is it stress-relief, improved sleep, spiritual development, or blissful experiences.

Whatever your reason for practicing yoga, private lessons provide the perfect environment meeting your yoga goals.

Private Yoga Lessons means being able to ask questions, break down postures and receive personalized alignment instructions. It means becoming introduced to the fundamentals of yoga and learning ways to modify poses based on therapeutic needs from injuries or illnesses.

Receive your instructor’s undivided attention and assistance as you explore more advanced postures, learning to overcome any roadblocks and push yourself deeper into your practice and specific poses than would be possible in a public class.

Our Private Yoga Lessons include:

Foundation: The fundamentals of posture, alignment, breath and philosophy

Master – intermediate/ advanced: Explore specific areas of interest and more complex asanas

Core Strength and stability: Connect to your powerhouse. Great for lower back issues and learning to tap into the core

Therapeutic: Use your yoga to heal. Specifically targeted to YOUR injured and therapeutic needs.

Partner: Learn to practice and assist one another for a deeper connection

Prenatal: Specific poses for your changing body and a healthy pregnancy

How it Works
One or more sessions can be purchased. A missed appointment without 24 hour cancellation notice will be charged at full rate.

Travel and/ or stay expenses will be charged for clients at locations outside Studio.

Full costs have to be deposited at the time of booking appointment. Bookings will be confirmed on ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

You may make your payment through online transfer, on telephone, email, Paypal or in person at the Studio.

Note: You can add one more person to the session. Cost is payable before the session at the studio.
Cards expire in one calendar year from the date of purchase unless specified otherwise.

Please contact us for more details.

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