SAVY Yoga Mentorship Program (SYMP)

Mentorship Program

SAVY Yoga Mentorship Program (SYMP)

The SAVY Yoga Mentorship Program (SYMP) is the perfect bridge from training to teaching the Breath, Bandhas, Drishti and Alignment based traditional ashtanga Yoga!

If  you  are  committed  to  truly  developing  yourself  as  a  world class  teacher,  or  wish  to  seek  a  little  extra   individualized  guidance  and  support as you begin your teaching career or just want to work closer with  a  senior teacher to refine and deepen your skill, then this program is the opportunity to easily build confidence, success and yourself!

Work  with  our  amazing  SAVY Yoga Guardians who  will  lovingly  and  skillfully  help  you  develop  deeper as a  student and teacher of Yoga. You’ll receive development and mentoring support as well as learn key ways to teach from your heart, attract from your deepest intention and create a flow of well-being, prosperity and joy for yourself and your Yoga community.

SAVY International Inc. has cultivated a reputation as a center of professional, inspiring, compassionate yoga and wellness studies. We have the best teachers who have a true love of yoga and live its teachings day in and day out.  Our teachers understand and appreciate the importance of every student and feel compelled to provide exceptional service to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Our team shares the vision of providing world class instruction to every student in a warm and welcoming environment by people who truly care.  Our students expect to learn from the best and enjoy the authentic yoga backgrounds of our teachers and the holistic view.

The Mentorship Program is the perfect bridge from our Teachers Programs to becoming a professional yoga teacher!

 During this 6 week (30 hour) program and series of quarterly workshops, over the year, you will:

  • work one-on-one with a senior SAVY Yoga teacher as your mentor.
  • assist one of your mentor’s SAVY Yoga classes each week and work together to assess and refine your teaching skills.
  • the sessions will be based on your desired path and interests as a yoga teacher – you choose your mentor!
  • teach public SAVY Yoga classes with a group of mentees & work together to assess one another’s classes. (Each mentee will teach at least 2 classes in total).

Program Objectives

The vision of this program is to support you in your endeavour to integrate and enhance the theory and practice of yoga as you experienced it in your teacher training. The core of the program offers you accountability, support and guidance through various assignments, tasks and responsibilities.

The Mentorship Program offers graduates of any 200-hour Teacher Training a unique and exciting opportunity to continue learning and to practice and live yoga as active members of a thriving yoga community. By joining our Mentorship Program, you will become a critical part of a practicing larger Yoga community.

Program Description
Taught by a SAVY Yoga Guardian, in some cases assisted by a SAVY Yoga Guardian Trainee, this program follows a streamlined curriculum that has been developed to offer you a continuing education program in the art of teaching Yoga continuing the transformations you have started in the Yoga Teacher Training. Your SAVY Yoga Guardian will help you (the mentee) on your personal and professional development into an excellent yoga teacher and offer guidance to you on your journey to become a better teacher.
The SAVY Yoga Mentorship Program (SYMP) is an incredible opportunity designed to give you support after the SAVY Yoga Teacher Training though graduates from other schools are also welcome to join, especially if they are looking forward to joining our next level programs.

In addition, you will have access to your SAVY Yoga Guardian by e-mail for ongoing guidance regarding teaching SAVY Yoga and be teamed up to work long term with a fellow mentee (butt-kicker) to help you identify and achieve your goals, and be guided through your homework assignments to help you qualify for the next levels of teaching.



  • Refining the teaching of Alignment Based Class and Vinyasa Flow
  • Sequencing, Props, Demonstration
  • Effective Verbal Adjustments and Affirmations
  • Skill of Observation 
  • Transitions
  • Modifications
  • Optimizing Class planning
  • Setting Intent


  • Goal Settings, Accountability and the Art of Manifestation
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Debilitating Fears
  • Managing the Mind
  • Debunking Teaching Myths


  • The Pillars of Personal Practice: Asana, Meditation, Self-Study & Right Diet
  • Establishing a Consistent Personal Practice
  • Morning and Evening Rituals


  • Use of Voice, Intonation and Pacing
  • Effective Use of Language and Cueing
  • Understanding Your Role as a Teacher
  • Power Positions and Commanding the Room
  • Navigating the Roles of Student, Teacher & Community Leader

The core components of the program are:

Mentor Guidance
Your journey will start with a personal interview with your mentor to align your contributions to the program with your aspirations and intentions around yoga in general. A senior teacher will be available to guide you both formally and informally during the program through group meetings, personal interviews and classes. Your SAVY Yoga Guardian will determine the finer details of the mentorship program with you and fellow mentees in your group.

Structure of the Program:

Activity Duration Times
Teachers’ Development Workshop 1 Hour 3
One on One Mentorship Sessions     1 Hour 3
Guided Writing Process for Setting Intent 1 Hour 1
Assisting and Teaching Practice 1 Hour 20
One on One Teaching 1 Hour 3
Yoga Field Excursions Evenings 3
Peer led group projects Evenings 3
Quarterly Conferences 1 Hour 3

Teachers’ Development Workshops   

You’ll attend three 1 hour Teachers’ Development Workshops. These workshops will help you hone your teaching skills. 

One on One Mentorship Sessions

Mentoship sessions  will be directed at your particular strengths and weaknesses.

Setting Intent

Setting intent for a  class should begin much before the class starts. You’ll get guidance on what is involved in the process. 

Assisting and Teaching in Classes
As an ambassador of yoga, you will commit to either teaching or assisting in a class setting on a regular basis. This may occur at a SAVY Studio or other approved partner venues. Although teaching 20 group classes is a part of the program, those desirous of joining SAY 500 (RYT 500) or other next level Yoga Education programs later should opt for a 100 hour optional Teaching Practice Package. This may occur at SAVY or other approved partner venues.

One on One Coaching Calls

Teaching one-on-one calls for special skills. Learn the skills to successfully execute private sessions.

Yoga Field Excursions 

Field work gives you an opportunity to get more deeply involved in the process of Yoga.

Peer led group projects

Get involved into the projects suggested by your fellow mentees. 


  1. You will be required to cultivate both a personal and community-based practice. You will attend one Yoga class per week, and maintain a journal for your personal practice for the duration of the program you choose. 
  2. Guided Writing Process for Setting Intent

Quarterly Conferences

Quarterly conference calls with your SAVY Yoga Guardian and fellow mentees for instruction and discussion on a teaching topic provided by the Director of Teaching, Dr Jitender K Sahdev. The first call takes place approximately 6 weeks after the end of 6-Week program and thereafter one every three months till the year end. 

You’ll be required to prepare a topic for quarterly workshops that address:

  • Teaching skills
  • Hands-on assists
  • Sequencing
  • Assisting a class
  • Working with injuries
  • Seeing
  • Find Your Voice

Karma Yoga
There will be rotating opportunities to serve SAVY and the larger community through acts of mindful service.

Peer Support
You will participate in various means of giving and receiving support through your peer group of fellow SYMP candidates and teacher training students.

CEU’s and Extras

  • Certificate of completion documenting 18 contact hours eligible for registration through Yoga Alliance for continuing education credit
  • $100 credit towards the registration fee for the 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training Program (RYT 500)

Program Benefits
By joining this program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop specific goals to personalize the mentorship to suit your needs
  • Meet and assist regular and special guest faculty members
  • Work with a senior teacher to advance your teaching skills
  • Assist your mentor in one class per week, working on observational and teaching skills in the classroom.  Post-class discussions with your mentor will focus your integration.
  • Teach at least two public facing SAVY Yoga classes to put your skills into practice
  • Participate in self and peer review
  • Have your class assessed by your mentor
  • Become part of a larger network and community of yoga teachers and practitioners
  • Cultivate meaningful relationships with your teachers and peers
  • Deepen your study and practice of yoga as well as improve your teaching skills under the guidance of experienced yoga teachers and practitioners
  • Use your own unique experience, knowledge and skills to support new or less experienced students and teachers
  • Contribute to the successful preparation, delivery and outcome of classes, workshops, special events and teacher training sessions
  • At the end of the program, participate in a Feedback Forum to receive professional feedback on your teaching
  • Be an ambassador for Yoga and SAVY by representing and promoting the Studio and Teacher Training activities in your community

Eligibility Criteria

  • Successful completion of 200-hour SAVY Yoga Teacher Training or any other RYT 200 training or an equivalent training
  • Diksha ceremony at SAVY
  • Commitment to a regular yoga practice
  • Commitment to a minimum of 1 hour/day to your studies, community service, workshops and group practice

SAVY Yoga Guardians
The SAVY Yoga Guardians are hand-picked by the Program Director and serve as Guardians of the legacy of SAVY Yoga and mentors to the SAVY Yoga Teachers. Each SAVY Yoga Guardian has gone through intensive training with Program Director to learn the skills required to be a mentor for teachers. Each SAVY Yoga Guardian brings a unique experience and insight to your continuing education.
If a large enough group of SAVY Yoga Teachers from the same area wishes to enroll to the SAVY Yoga Mentorship Program and there is no local SAVY Yoga Guardian, it may be possible for a SAVY Yoga Guardian to travel to your location for the four quarterly workshops. Please inquire about this possibility with SAVY Studio.

How do I choose my mentor?

First, it’s important to define exactly what a mentor is.  From Greek mythology, “Mentor” was the name of the Odysseus’s trusted friend who was given the responsibility of raising his son while Odysseus was away on his travels.  A mentor is therefore a trusted guide, whose role is to teach from the light of his or her own experience.  Not only does a mentor advise, but he or she is also expected to model ideal behavior.

In looking for a mentor, we are not trying to find someone who will simply tell us what to do.  As yoga students, we come to the learning table with the substantial weight of our personal practice and life experience.  As yoga teachers, we can add our teacher training to our list of resources.  At the same time, we want our mentor to have more experience than us, so that they can advise us as one who has already “traveled the path.”  Entering into a mentorship is entering into a two-way relationship, where each party values the other’s strengths and contributions.

When looking for a mentor or teacher, it is important to find someone with whom you can develop a relationship of trust, communication, and mutual respect.

Ask yourself:

  • Which teacher models the behavior or teaching that I wish to cultivate within myself?
  • Who inspires me?
  • With whom do I feel that I can communicate honestly and effectively?
  • Who do I feel comfortable asking questions of?  And sharing my own point of view?
  • With whom do I feel mutual respect as a teacher and person?

Finding a mentor with knowledge is only part of the journey; we also need to choose a mentor with the ability to provide us with communicable resources to develop our own skills.

Finally, when looking for a mentor, remember that you are not asking for a favor.  In its best incarnation, the mentorship process is a two-way street, where your mentor will benefit and learn as much – if not more – than you by the partnership.   A good mentor will cherish the opportunity to be a humble student as well as a knowledgeable guide. Teaching is the best way to learn!


Please check the Studdio locations here.


  • Register before December 31.
  • First meeting with the program coordinator: Sometime in January. Fix an appointment.
  • Periodical meetings: Dates to be confirmed.
  • Workshops and open practice time will be offered on weekends. Dates to be confirmed.


To get the Registration Form, please contact the program coordinator, at

  • Step One: Fill up your SYMP Registration Form and submit along with a non-refundable Registration Fee of $295 (+HST). Places being limited, admission will be on a first come first serve basis.
  • Step Two: On confirmation of acceptance into the program, complete & submit the program application form (usually starts around 15 November of each year, however, there may be deviations) along with application fee.
    • Program fee: $1100 (please check the full program fee with your SAVY Yoga Guardian)
    • Optional Teaching Hours Package: Additional $1000 for 100 Teaching Hours.

For availability of payment options, please check with the office.

  • Step Three: Please register with the office for workshops after you finish SYMP.

HST extra for all payments.

If you have any queries regarding registrations, please click here to email


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