Hosting Yoga Teacher Training Courses At Your Studio


Hosting Yoga Teacher Training Courses At Your Studio

SAVY International Inc. is dedicated to bringing the practice of yoga to all in a safe and user-friendly manner. Preserving the originality of Traditional Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga, but removing cultism, false information and controversial subjects, SAVY International Inc. makes the physical and mental health benefits of traditional yoga accessible to people of all ages and walks of life. Through our well-designed SAVY 200 Yoga Teacher Training Program our talented, dedicated, well-trained, qualified Yoga Teaching staff communicates SAVY Yoga’s message of non-competitive, non-judgmental, body/mind fitness yoga.

SAVY Yoga’s unique approach to yoga is rooted in traditional yoga teaching which has inherent un-exceeded safety standards. Each SAVY Yoga class includes a warm-up, the yoga workout, and a cool-down, has all the basic elements of Yoga, and addresses all five components of fitness:


  1. cardiovascular endurance,
  2. muscular strength,
  3. muscular endurance,
  4. body composition, and
  5. flexibility


SAVY International Inc. is accredited with Yoga Alliance, USA to train Yoga Teachers in North America and India and offers Yoga Alliance approved 200 Hours and 300 Hours Registered Yoga Teacher Training programs. By hosting a Yoga training, you will attract new clients at no cost to you or your facility.


Additional benefits of hosting a training include:

  • 10 PAID IN FULL sign ups give you TWO Complimentary Admission for yourself or a current yoga fitness instructor on your staff.
  • 20 PAID IN FULL sign ups give you a THIRD AND FOURTH Complimentary Admission
  • 25 PAID IN FULL sign ups give you a FIFTH Complimentary Admission.
  • Insure the SAFETY of yoga classes taught at your facility and reduce liability.
  • Develop a successful Yoga Program that becomes a profit center with additional opportunities for revenue on Yoga Products.
  • Become a part of the hottest market trend – mind/body fitness – without losing customers and clients to individual yoga studios.
  • Contribute to your COMMUNITY with every SAVY 200 Module 1 as it is required of the participants to provide eight hours of Community Service teaching.
  • Keep up with the changing demographics and aging baby boomers that need and are ASKING for group exercise activity that provides more flexibility and less high impact work-out.
  • Garner marketing material from SAVY Yoga to distribute for promotions and advertising.


SAVY International Inc. Teacher Training Space Guidelines:

All new host facilities must first host a Module 1 training before hosting any others. In an effort to serve you and your community we must enforce this to give all yogis an opportunity to enter into the SAVY 200 program.  Spaces must also follow the below guidelines:

  • Same room available for the FULL PERIOD of the SAVY 200 Teacher Training Workshop
  • Large enough to accommodate 25 people or more (40 sq. ft. per person = 1000 sf. minimum).
  • Provide CD audio sound system installed or available and an enclosed room with MINIMUM exterior noise and distraction.
  • Independent heating/cooling system adjustable to 70 degrees and adjustable lighting. SAVY Yoga prefers an OPTIMUM environment to prevent injury.
  • Hardwood floors.


How to schedule a SAVY Yoga Teacher Training at your facility:

 Email to to get the APPLICATION FORM.
STEP 2: SAVY International Corporate office reviews application.
STEP 3: Once Host Facility meets SAVY International approval and dates are confirmed, a Host Agreement Form is generated by SAVY International Corporate Office for review and signature.

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