My name is Eric and I have been taking Yoga lessons at SAVY for about 6 months.

In the past, I used weights & other exercise equipment to help keep me in shape – but as time slipped by – so did the use of weights & equipment.

Then my wife started taking Yoga classes at SAVY & tried to persuade me to join her. But being someone who had used equipment to exercise I was reluctant to try Yoga.

Luckily for me, she was persistent and I did start Yoga at SAVY in December 2012 where I have improved my flexibility, concentration, practiced correct breathing techniques & my sense of well-being has also improved.

So I would like to thank my wife for persuading me to start Yoga lessons – and, of course, the great people at SAVY for the time & patience they have spent teaching me Yoga.

Thank you SAVY!

-Eric Donald

I had bought another Groupon and was at the studio to see how the things were. I was amazed at how much new stuff I learnt. I had heard Jitender say before that Yoga is very vast, but realised that during my second stint there! That man is really an encyclopaedia. I am writing this because I was really impressed by his breadth and depth of knowledge, which is enormous! It was a new experience altogether. Before this, I thought I knew what Yoga was. Now I dont fool around with that idea anymore. There is still a lot more to learn, and he is the right man to learn from. He knows what he talks about!

-Nikki Roberts

Hello Jitender,

Good Afternoon Jitender,
“I am very excited about the yoga classes I am participating in. I have been doing Yoga with SAVY International since August 9th and already I feel a difference. I am very excited to continue to learn the breathing techniques and yoga postures. I have participated in several Yoga classes before & never before have I learned what I have learned in 3 short weeks. I highly recommend SAVY International.”

-Ann Arrand

Hello Jitender,
Thanks again for this morning, it was a great class.
I received a lot of insight about traditional yoga during my first class at SAVY. It was amazing how much I learned about breathing and the importance of it. Jitender shared his abundance of knowledge with us, it really made me realize yoga is not about going through the poses, but it is about feeling and breathing through the poses and activating each part of the body from head to toe. I look forward to learning more! Thanks Jitender!

Ashman Abdulov

Dear Dr. Sahdev,
I just wanted to repeat my thanks for allowing me to attend my first-ever yoga class this morning with you. Because it was vacation time and many people are away, you could have cancelled the opportunity. Instead, you gave me your undivided patience and attention, kindly encouraging and explaining every step.
I intend to return for classes at my introductory level each week, and hope to move forward for improved health and flexibility as the weeks go on. It is indeed a rare privilege to be instructed and encouraged by someone with your breadth of training and your patient manner. Every position, every technique of breathing was explained and corrected with gentle precision- I appreciated that first class so much- and hope to attend many others on a continuing basis.

Daina Janitis

Hello, friends-
As an Older Adult- a phrase my niece taught me today- I was really pleased to try out a Dealfind coupon today- 29 classes left to go!- at the SAVY International Yoga Centre. I had one-to-one instruction, interesting conversations, and a re-energizing experience that I hope to continue! Dr. Sahdev is a surgeon, badminton player- and leader of a new yoga school in London, accredited to train yoga teachers. My first class was so inspiring today- I feel great, and have pursued more research on Ashtanga yoga since I got home. He works on the top floor of a gym on Exeter Road, quite close to Wellington Rd. For me, living south of London, that was an ideal location! As you can see in our correspondence, I was pleased with my longer-than-hour private lesson this morning- the “gentle yoga” level for 66-year-olds who have never done it before…and I asked if I could pick up some brochures to share. Instead, Dr. Sahdev has sent me the potential of an extended special offer for first-timers.
Just wanted to share it with you all!


I have only been to yoga classes for a couple of weeks but already feel the benefits. The proper techniques are taught and practiced with patience and understanding. Looking forward to all the benefits to come.

– Roberta Nielsen

“The classes are geared to our capabilities and already after two classes I see improvement . I can stretch more and feel stronger.”

-Christine Wilson

Good class-puts you through many poses and great breathing exercises. This is a program I can stay with for many weeks or years.

-Darlene Riddolls

I like the yoga classes very much. I hope to get better as time goes on & advance to more difficult postures. I particularly like the ease & time of the classes. You make it easy to follow and understand.

– Lynn Tiahur

These classes are informative and strenuous. I always leave in a better mood.

– Cori Talbot

Unique, diverse and easily tailored to your needs and schedule. Very fun and enjoyable.

– Jennifer A

Very Calming. Loved learning proper breathing. Knowledgeable. I feel totally relaxed. Able to ask questions freely.

– Karin Erickson

Excellent breathing exercises! I would like to try more sun salutations.


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