Joining Yoga Classes

Joining SAVY Yoga Classes


Please read the details about yoga classes, SAVY International Policy Statement, Routine Instructions and Safety Tips and fill up Registration and Waiver Form   here.

Joining Yoga Classes

Joining SAVY Yoga Classes

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How does the cost of Yoga Classes work? What if I can’t commit to monthly memberships?

A: Because of its immense health benefits, we want to make traditional yoga accessible to everyone, so please join us with whichever price bracket works for you. We offer the most flexible price structure in London ON!

As a newcomer, you can try classes at a drop-in rate of $12 per class, for four classes for the first month. Subscribe to the SAVY Yoga Flexi-Card here to avail a trial period of one month, or get it from the Studio.

After your first month, you can choose to continue with Yoga Class Cards, or you can choose one of the very economical Year Cards given below.

Year Cards

We offer very economical SAVY Yoga Flexi-Card with one year duration, with monthly installments of $56 per month (that includes four Yoga classes per month)!

You get 30% off on purchase of all extra Class Cards!

This card offers Yoga classes at a very economical price with minimum commitment. 

With the SAVY Abundance Cards, you can attend any of the the classes offered in routine schedule (up to 1 class per day), and the cost may work out to be as low as $6.75 per class!

We are powered by your love and generosity. We believe that one gets out what one puts in energetically.

You can also avail our classes in exchange for Karma Yoga (volunteer work, subject to available spots). Please contact for details.

Q: Are your teachers qualified?

A: We have the most qualified and experienced team of Yoga Teachers, Yoga Therapists and Ayurvedic Practitioners in London ON. We are also proud to have one of the most qualified faculty of International Yoga teachers in the world! All our teachers were trained in India as well as in Canada, and are registered with Yoga Alliance, USA, the biggest registry of Yoga Teachers in the world. We have a regular team of five E-RYT 500 Yoga Teachers. That makes us THE MOST QUALIFED and EXPERIENCED TEAM of YOGA TEACHERS in London ON, and one of the most qualified and experienced team in the world!

President and Director of Teaching, Dr Jitender K Sahdev is an international Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Practitioner. A very successful Surgeon by profession from India, he has done very rewarding and consequential work on Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, and other Alternative treatment modalities in India and has a very rich and invaluable wealth of experience especially in these. He trained under doyens of Yoga in India for almost four decades. He is one of the most qualified and experienced Yoga Therapists in the world! 

Please click here to read the credentials of our Yoga Teachers.

Q: I have never done yoga before. What level of students do you teach?

A: We offer classes for the absolute beginners to the most advanced yoga students. Our routine classes include Gentle Yoga, Sukshma(Subtle) Yoga, Seniors’ Yoga, 50+ Yoga, Chair Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Inferno Yoga, Strngthener Yoga, Surya Namskar, Self-Marma Massage. We offer regular workshops for Fundamentals of Yoga, Surya Namskar, Meditation, Yoga for Face, Yoga for Heart, Stress and Stroke, Yoga for Fibromyalgia, and many other topics in Yoga Therapy.

Also, we are an RYS 200 and RYS 300 Yoga School registered with Yoga Alliance, USA. We train Yoga Teachers up to the highest rank! Many of our trained yoga teachers are working in different countries now.

At SAVY, even sky is not the limit to learning!

Q: Which class should I take?

A: We offer the most effective and the safest Yoga routines. Yoga benefits most when done regularly. If you are brand new to it, we recommend a Gentle Yoga class. We have many classes suitable for 50+ people. If you are athletic and have previous yoga experience, the Vinyasa class is a good place to start; be prepared to sweat. Inferno Yoga is a class fit for intermediate level of experience where you feel the heat even in the absence of any external heating. Surya Namaskar includes one hour of Sun Salutations and is an intense class. There are many paths on the journey. Check out different classes and find the one best suited for you. We can help you along the way.

Q: Are there any safety tips for Yoga classes I should observe?

A: Please check Routine Instructions and Safety Tips here. Also, you can check the SAVY International Policy Statement on the same page. (Please scroll down to the end of the page)

Q: Is parking space available?

A: There is plenty of free parking on the street. It is absolutely no problem.

Q: What should I wear for the class?

A: You should wear loose, comfortable, breathable attire, which allows free movement of the body. You can bring your own cushion.

Q: Can I eat or drink before the class?

A: Please come on an empty stomach. Please do not eat 3 hours prior to class and do not drink at least 30 minutes before the class.

Q: Is it mandatory to pre-register for the class?

A: To avoid any surprises and inconvenience, please pre-register at least one day before the class. 

Q: Do you have mats for rent?

A: Yes. You can rent a mat for $2. We do ask that you consider purchasing a mat of your own. It’s great when you can own your own magic carpet. We have new mats for sale at the most reasonable prices. It is also wise to bring your own towel.

Q: Do you have beverages available?

A: Yes. We have water bottles. We do encourage you to bring your own metal water bottle to save plastic and money.

Q: When should I arrive for class?

A: Please arrive for your class well in time. Evening classes tend to fill up fast so consider an even longer buffer if your class is after 5pm.

Q: Can my child take yoga?

A: We offer separate Children’s Yoga classes. If you want to bring your child to regular classes, please talk to us.

Q: Can I do yoga if I’m pregnant or menstruating? Can I do yoga if I have an injury?

A: Everyone’s body is different. There are many different views on pregnancy or menstruation. The best person to ask is your physician. You should always have a thumbs up on exercise from your doctor. We look forward to helping people of all ages, sizes and genders.

We offer special Pre-Natal Yoga classes also.

New to SAVY Studio? 

Experiencing a yoga class for the first time or the hundredth time should be enjoyable, stress-free and should include considerate behavior to all other students in the class and teacher. For everyone’s convenience, please observe the following:

  • Please arrive in time. By arriving late, you miss the initial centering and warming up part of the class and it can disturb others.
  • Please turn off mobile phone and pager. Or better still, leave anything that makes noise in your vehicle. It is distracting to hear the beep, ring or vibration of a cell phone in the middle of yoga class.
  • Please remove shoes before coming in. Since we walk around barefoot, it is most hygienic if everyone takes off their shoes first thing.
  • If you must leave class early, please do so without disturbing or talking.
  • Avoid perfumes and lotions. Some students might have allergies and sensitivities.
  • Speak in hushed tones before and after class. Yoga is a time of inviting stillness, so please respect others by keeping silent as soon as you enter class.
  • Wear clothing which allows full range of body movement.
  • If need be, use the restroom prior to class.
  • Come in with an open mind and an open heart. It allows us to become present and may help you become more aware, compassionate, healthier or skillful.
  • Yoga is non-competitive. Stay within your limits, relax and have fun!
  • If you have a question or something hurts, please speak up. Please ask the instructor if you are confused. Most likely, someone else is too!
  • Set up your space mindfully. Unroll your mat quietly.
  • Avoid eating anything but a light snack within three hours prior to class.


Cost Reduction Instruments

All these devices are subject to availability.

Joining SAVY_Cost Reduction_2014

If it is your first time with us, we strongly recommend that you should start with Yoga Fundamentals Series! 

Get a group of at least 5 people and start a class when it is convenient for everyone.  Receive a saving of 10%.

We also rent studio space if you would like to run your own classes, workshops or special events.  Please inquire regarding pricing.

SAVY International Policy Statement

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