Yoga Teacher Training Application

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Yoga Teacher Training Application

Application Procedure for All Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Education Programs

The following application procedure is common to all Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Education programs.

Please refer to Eligibility, Prerequisites and Course Cost sections under individual programs.

The Program Director will review the application to determine the preparedness of the applicant to participate in the program.

Please note that:

  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to go through policy statement and to confirm before application that all eligibility conditions and prerequisites are met. Please make sure to contact office at if you need any clarification.
  • Application Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • All fees are applicable for non-residential programs only.
  • HST is applicable with all payments.

Application Process

Step 1: Check Pre-requisites for the Course It is the applicant’s responsibility to go through policy statement and to confirm before application that all eligibility conditions and prerequisites are met. Please make sure to contact office if you need any clarification. 

Step 2: Submit your Application Form
Please submit your Application Form along with a non-refundable and non-transferable registration fee of $295 (+HST = $333.35). Application Fee can be paid in cash at the Studio, or through Interac e-transfer to

Application Fee can also be paid by clicking on the ‘Pay Now’ tab below. Please fill in your name and email address.

Email Address

The following are to be submitted to The Program Director at, along with the fee:

  • Application Form for Yoga Teacher Training (Please open the form with Foxit Reader, fill it up and click on ‘Submit’ button to send it online. We accept only emailed Application Forms. You can also attach the form to an email to send it. Click here to install Foxit Reader if you don’t have it already). Please fill and send all the pages of the Application Form.
  • a 3- minute video of the yoga poses you can do, and a commentary on what yoga means to you and why you want to join the course,
  • a documentation of your yoga and/ or other experience/ training,
  • Two Letters of Recommendation. Letters of recommendation may be from personal or professional references (one from a longtime yoga teacher preferred) and should speak of the applicant’s dedication to a yoga practice and ability to successfully complete yoga teacher training. 

We shall contact you within one week of receiving all the paperwork and registration fee.  

Step 3: Interview We’ll set up a time for your personal or telephonic interview after going over your Application form.

Step 4: Offer Letter The Program Director will review the preparedness of the applicant to participate in the program. You will be notified of offer of the program during or after interview.  Please note that we are selective in our offer process. 

Step 5: Enroll in the course  Along with the Offer Letter, you will receive the Enrollment Agreement to formally enroll for the course. Pay the Tuition Fee in full within 30 days after receiving the Offer Letter and the Enrollment Agreement. Tuition Fee varies for different courses. It can be paid in cash at the Studio/ through e-transfer/ through a certified cheque/ on telephone with a credit card or through Paypal, in the same order of preference. Please check the relevant section under individual programs. 

Enrollment process has to be completed within a stipulated time-frame, at least 30 days before the start date of  the course.

Step 4: Acceptance into the Program
You will be notified via email of final acceptance into the program. The final acceptance is at the sole discretion of SAVY International Inc.

Payment Plan
You can also pay your tuition fee in very easy installments. Additional charges apply.

We offer Payment Plan for Tuition Fee of many of our Yoga Teacher training programs. When applying, you may choose to pay the Tuition Fee in full or with a payment plan.

This plan is available for In-Studio as well as Hybrid / Online/ Distance Learning Programs, with a valid Master, VISA or American Express Credit Card.

Please contact for details.  

Other applicable fees and charges are as follows:

Certification Test Fee :

Certification Test is given at the end of the training, on completion of all other conditions/ requirements of the course. Date for Certification Test can be requested by filling up form for ‘Request for Certification Test’. Fee varies depending on the course. 

Certificate of Attendance of the course, where applicable, is issued without Certification Test. Fee varies depending on the course. It can be requested by filling up the relevant form at the office.

Ancillary Charges:

The following ancillary charges will be applicable in Yoga courses:

  • *Study Kit and other practice material: Though not mandatory, we strongly recommend authentic, well-researched study/ practice material provided at SAVY. Cost of kit varies from course to course.
  • Stationery and Miscellaneous Charges. Charges for internet access, printing of hand-outs and work sheets, access to kitchen etc.
  • *Yoga class passes: It might be mandatory to attend yoga classes for some courses. You can get your Yoga Pass at the Studio. YTT students are given passes at concessional rates.
  • *Required workshops: Depending on the course, you might be required to attend workshops. Cost varies.
  • *Retreat Charges: If a course/ workshop is offered in a retreat, separate charges will be applicable.
  • *Supplemental support (online videos, workshops, lectures)
  • *Continuing education

*These charges are optional.

Accommodation and Meals

Students coming from other cities can be referred to third-party accommodation close to Studio. In general, room selection is based on availability at time of booking. The actual cost of accommodation can be confirmed at the time of booking. Please confirm all arrangements at least one month before your date of arrival.

 For rest of the details, please refer to the page of the program you want to register for.


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