Nov 162013

Hello London!

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year 2014 in advance!

Winter has set in and Christmas is close by, it is time for festivities and 2014 is just around the corner.

SAVY, as you know well, stands for the best and the safest in the field of Yoga, Yoga Education, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Research and related fields.

Our new yoga room has been fully operational.

New yoga teachers are joining SAVY and will start holding their classes soon.

New contact programs for RYT 200 have been announced and we are accepting registrations.

A lot more is happening at SAVY.

We know, with SAVY, you always expect more, and we love to be able to come up to your expectations.

Keeping our promise of providing the most economical Yoga Classes in US and Canada, we have more good news for you!

We have two great offers right now:

Offer 1: SAVY Slasher

It is an 8 class card with a slasher function, i.e., it will slash off 40% from all your purchases for the next full year.

So, 40% off on yoga class cards,


40% off on Unlimited Yoga Cards,


40% off on Special classes on meditation, Pranayama

or …. the list is endless.

And you can have all this actually free of cost with one 8-Class Card, or 8-Class Card with your Slasher!

Check the details at

Offer 2: Unlimited Yoga for 2014

This is actually a group of offers for unlimited yoga in 2014.

Here are the great Yoga offers from SAVY!

  1. SAVY Unlimited – 2014, for 12 months, for $699; the first ten people purchasing this card also get a complementary ‘Slasher Component!
  2. SAVY Unlimited –6M (Jan-June, 2014, or, July – Dec, 2014), for 6 months, for $399
  3.  For newcomers, 1 month of unlimited yoga for $30 only.

(HST extra)

These are the minimum rates for the most complete and healthful yoga classes in London!

But like all good things in life, these offers also must finish fast, and will be

Available ONLY till December 31!

And there is another special offer for those who want to come for one class per week – the SAVY Year Card-2014! For $399 for one full year of yoga, that’s a steal!

You can make your payment on phone or you can come and pick your card at the studio. We prefer cash – that saves us, and you, money!

So, grab your card now!

You can also let your friends know of these unbeatable plans!

The dates and details of the workshops on Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ Program, Yoga for different diseases including Cancer, Tumours, Multiple Sclerosis, Ataxia, Dementia, Stress, Depression, Sleep Apnea etc are ready and are online. Yoga and especially breathing exercises can go a long way in helping in various diseases and we are out to prove that. Breathing exercises or Pranayama has always been SAVY’s strength.


We have added lots of new features/ programs recently and so much more is on cards. The best way to keep a tap on activities at SAVY will be to subscribe to the website and ‘Like’ the Facebook page. All the new offers and updates will be there as soon as they are available.


Coming weeks will see still more activity at SAVY: so many updates, new classes, new programs, interesting workshops etc. So, keep in touch and stay tuned.


Continue your practice of Yoga at SAVY and stay happy, healthy and abundant in life!


See you soon.






Thanks and Regards,

Dr Jitender K Sahdev

D.Sc. (AM), Ph.D. (AM), M.D. (AM)
E-RYT 500 (Yoga Alliance, USA)
Member, IAYT, USA
Fc Surgery (SASMS)
Fc Surgical Oncology (SASMS)

President and Director of Teaching

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