Mindfulness and Breathing Based Healing

Mindfulness and Breathing Based Healing

Mindfulness and Breathing Based Healing

Mindfulness and Breathing Based Healing

 MBH (Mindfulness and Breathing Based Healing) is the first step of DSBH Therapy. 

MBH is a powerful self-healing tool!

It opens up restricted breathing patterns, clears the subconscious mind, assists in awakening awareness and integrates body, mind and spirit experiences. It introduces you to the world of some of the most effective mindfulness and breathing exercises, asana and mudra. It has been adapted for easy, independent learning and practice. These techniques are effective in more than 90% of health issues. MBH can help you recover and improve, as well as, maintain health.

Do You want to be amazing?

Do you want to stay calm through difficult times?

Do you want to have clarity of mind at all times – rough or smooth?

Learn and experience the power of breath and transform your life!


MBH is the first step of DSBH Therapy – the pure Yoga science at its best! It retrains the body to breathe naturally, and then takes it further, which triggers  the natural self-healing abilities of the body at the deepest possible levels. We learn about our own unique breathing patterns, begin opening our breath and experience dramatic improvements in the flow of our lives as a result. MBH acts right from the Central Nervous System level! Pranayama and Meditation exercises included in MBH increase cortical thickness, thus improving memory, other cerebral functions and conscious control over  the body and mind, activate pineal gland and balance hormonal secretions of the pituitary gland, thus creating a better optimized milieu interiur, regulate tone of vagus nerve, the longest nerve in the body, the master controller of our immune cells, viscera, and stem cells, and create a balance between Sympathetic Nervous System and Parasympathetic Nervous System. They increase body immunity and have an important role to play in rejuvenation and longevity. The exercises included in this program also release any negativity, trauma or stress in the subconscious mind in the safest possible way. There is  no cell or system in the body which is not positively influenced by these wonderful techniques!

MBH especially targets stress, anxiety and trauma at various levels. Neural pathways regulate autonomic state and the expression of emotional and social behavior. In case of a perceived or real threat, the ‘primitive dorsal vagus’ elicits immobilization or ‘freeze’ behaviors whereas ventral vagus is connected with social communication and self-soothing behaviors. Chronic ‘freeze’ reaction due to stress or unresolved trauma adversely impacts physical vitality and health: chronic tension patterns cause pain commonly in the neck/shoulder and lower back regions; adrenal fatigue occurs which in turn inhibits the immune system; the ‘rest, digest and relax’ function of the Parasympathetic Nervous System never gets a chance; digestive system is impaired; endocrine system is disrupted causing imbalance of growth hormones and reproductive hormones; the body pH becomes acidic and promotes inflammation. All of this leads to a variety of secondary illnesses including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal problems, respiratory illnesses, immune disorders, to name a few. Pranayama  specifically improves vagal tone in both: the primitive ‘dorsal vagus’, and phylogenetically more recent, ‘ventral vagus’Pranayama also helps release deep-seated tension held in deep muscles. e.g., ilio-psoas muscle. More than that, the techniques in MBH also improve neo-cortex and limbic system function,  optimizing the release of hormones from the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands. 

Discover with MBH how to use your breath to enhance awareness and awaken your hidden potential. Benefits of MBH go much beyond mere physical health!

They are safe for everyone and have NO CONTRA-INDICATIONS whatsoever! Easy to follow and understand, when used properly and in accordance with prescription, MBH awakens body’s enormous healing potential and is extremely helpful in keeping one stress-free and healthy. 

Take charge of your life with this most accomplished routine, comprising of a choice of most effective, life-changing, priceless techniques, including breathing exercises, meditation, and more…!

MBH is a self-sufficient program in itself. It prepares you for the next steps too.



Taming the breath has been equated with taming a wild horse, and that does take substantial skill!

Also, other yogic exercises should be done only with proper care and technique. For the sake of your own safety, please learn all this only AT SAVY STUDIO UNDER QUALIFIED AND EXPERT CARE or from a CERTIFIED DBE (DSBH Breathing Educator).

What to Expect

MBH is suitable for everyone and has no contra-indications whatsoever. If followed regularly, it bestows a healthy and disease-free life on its practitioner. Learn the routine for practice at home and regularly attend longer sessions periodically offered through DBE’s.

Free Pre-Workshop Consultation

You can send an email or come in person at the studio if you have any questions. You will be given a registration form to fill up. Upon reviewing your responses, you will be asked further questions for points of clarification.

Training Course

For the sake of simplicity, we have kept training very concise, to-the-point and practical. Training can be imparted in a:

  • Group Workshop (>10 people),
  • Semi-Private Workshop (<5 people),
  • Private Workshop (One-on-one),
  • Out-of-City Workshop, or
  • Online. 

Registration for Private/ Semi-private sessions of MBH is open and you can book your appointment now. Please email for further information/ enquiry. We hold group workshops for MBH almost every month. Please check tentative upcoming dates below, and confirm with the studio. We encourage attending multiple practice sessions. Training courses of Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ Program are offered at physical location in London and online as well. You can also get the training through our DBE’s (DSBH Breathing Educators). There is breathing/awareness “homework”. Initially, the maximum commitment per day is about half an hour to one hour, but later on, it’ll be guided by your progress and health problem. All children below 18 should be accompanied by a parent/ guardian.

Information Material

You will be given information material for the program in virtual format. A follow- along Audio, and DSBH Diary to record your progress and, later, to be used later as a resource, can be purchased separately. We want only consistently superlative results for you and record-keeping is an integral part of that.


After completion of training for routine to practice at home, you should continue regular practice at home and attend periodic sessions of long routine with your DBE. Most of clients report relief right from Day 1. Follow the program consistently and you should see improvement very soon. Please record all the progress, keep in touch through email/ phone calls and convey your progress to SAVY Studio/ DBE.

You may also book Individual follow-up sessions.

On-Going support

On-going support through email (preferably) or telephone will be provided through DBE’s for one month from the date of last registration.


Personalized Mantra

Would you like to experience the power of beej and other mantras for health and well-being? We can provide accurate mantras for you. Please contact to get your individualized mantra. 

Credits for Yoga Teachers and Trainees

  • Yoga professionals can apply for a certificate for 3 hours of CEU’s at a non-refundable fee of $120 (+HST). This is also one of the pre-requisites for  DBE – MBH (DSBH Breathing Educator- MBH Program). For this, along with the fee, you can submit the practice sheet and a one page description of what you learned and how you will be incorporating what you learned into your life. You’ll be given a test too.
  • Professionals from other fields should check with their regulatory bodies first. To get a certificate they can follow the same procedure as Yoga professionals.

Here is the schedule of upcoming workshops:

Note: Please confirm the exact schedule with the Studio.

Here are the details:

  • Location: 163 Concord Road London ON N6G 3H9
  • Days & Time:
    • Group Sessions: Mondays, from 8.15 pm to 9.15 pm, or
    • Private Sessions: By appointment
  • Cost:
    • Group Sessions: $150 for all 3 group sessions (+HST), or
    • Private Sessions: $499 for all 3 private sessions (+HST) 
  • Components of Class
    • MBH© routine includes:
  • Effective Breathing Exercises 
  • Mindfulness Exercises 
  • Simple Asanas (Yoga Postures)
  • Healing Mudras, and more…
  • Commitment:
    • A firm commitment to complete the program without missing any class (except in an emergency). Missed  classes will not be compensated.
    • In addition to the classes at studio, you should also follow the routine at home.
    • At the end of the one month program, continue the same practice at home or sign-up for further training. Continue this practice for better results.
  • Monitoring : To monitor improvement, you may get the following parameters checked before and after sessions:
    • Blood Pressure in mm Hg
    • Pulse rate/ minute
    • Respiratory Rate
    • Weight
    • Quality of Life form

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat, a pen and journal. You may bring a blanket for cushioning as we will be lying on the floor during part of the class. Class is limited, so register early. Class is suitable for everyone!.


Please click here to email for registration

Phone+ 1 519-701-2609


  • Your spot will be confirmed after receiving full payment on phone, online or in person at the studio.
  • Valid only for the sessions it is purchased for
  • Once booked, dates of workshop cannot be changed
  • Non-refundable, non-transferable
  • No cash-back or credit
  • No surrender value. 
  • Valid only if authorized by the studio

Redemption Instructions

  • To confirm your spot, please call or email, or come to the Studio.
  • Print and present this voucher.
  • Contact Studio for confirmation and for further instructions
  • Call at 519-701-2609 or email.

Please contact us to book your spot. Please book your spot at the Studio (WE PREFER CASH AT THE STUDIO); your spot will be confirmed only after receiving full payment. We would love to hear any suggestions or comments that you might have. Space is limited and participation will be on a first-come-first-served basis. So respond early to participate in this exciting, life-transforming experience. 

Please contact us for more details.

We also recommend making use of other specialized services available at SAVY Studio.



 Note : SAVY Studio is not an emergency medical facility nor does it include medical diagnosis or medical treatment and is not a substitute for medical care. Yoga and Ayurveda are currently considered a form of complementary and alternative medicine in Canada. These are not licensed in Ontario as a medical discipline or practice. All services and treatments provided are complementary or alternative to health care services provided by licensed health care practitioners. Yoga and Ayurveda are complementary to and supportive of traditional western medicine as practiced in Canada.

DSBH Therapy® or any of its component levels, or MBH Therapy®, have not been evaluated by Health Canada, US Food & Drug Administration or the American Medical Association. This technology does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Medical advice must only be obtained from a physician or qualified health practitioner. Results may vary between individuals. There are no guarantees, expressed, or implied.

You should check with your health care professional before starting this or any new therapy or exercise program or breathing routine. This is especially important if you have any pre-existing health conditions, such as high blood pressure, migraines or heart or lung ailments. Women who are pregnant or think they might be pregnant should consult their physician before performing any of the breathing or physical exercises or undertaking any therapy program.

The information contained in the program is not intended to serve as a replacement for professional medical advice. Any use of the information in these programs/ workshops is at the reader’s discretion, risk and responsibility. The studio, author and the publisher specifically disclaim any and all liability arising directly or indirectly from the use or application of any information contained herein. A health care professional should be consulted regarding your specific situation. 

If you have a genuine interest in empowering people with health issues, click below and check out the DSBH Breathing Educator program: DSBH Breathing Educator Program


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