Sanjeevani – Infusing Inspiring Life


Sanjeevani – Infusing Inspiring Life

SANJEEVANI – Infusing, Inspiring Life

If you are healthy, want to stay healthy, or feel less than healthy – you should learn Sanjeevani!

If you have been told you have some incurable, intractable disease – don’t give up till you have tried Sanjeevani!

Sanjeevani is the panacea of Essential Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga for everyone!

This art and science of living could truly be a LIFE TRANSFORMING experience for you in the safest possible way. ‘Sanjeevani – Infusing Inspiring Life’ is designed to address even the most complicated ailments. Based on Jitendra Pranayama Series (Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga and Chakra awakening exercises), Mantra therapy and a lot more, it offers more comprehensive benefits of ancient science of Yoga in a 30-minute routine! Learn directly from the creator of the program! Sanjeevani literally means ‘that which infuses, inspires life’. If one is not living a complete life in body, mind and spirit, one is not fully alive. Sanjeevani  is one of the most potent tools to set you on course of a fully inspired, alive and aware life in body, mind and spirit and helps you realise your full potential! It not only ameliorates the problems due to internalised stress, but also harmonizes the whole system by cleansing the accumulated and accumulating toxins in the body, giving the body’s immune system a chance to recover more completely with time-proven exercises. Studies on some of these exercises have proved their most profound effectiveness. For ease of learning and safety, it is offered as independent, self-contained Levels:

Sanjeevani Level I teaches you some most effective breathing exercises, meditation techniques, chakra awakening exercises and a lot more and unravels a world of new possibilities. This constitutes a self-sufficient program which awakens body’s enormous healing potential.

Sanjeevani Level II takes  you further to the next level and introduces you to greater and deeper aspects of Yoga and Mantra therapy.

Sanjeevani Level III exposes you to the full and complete potential of this program and introduces you to ways to invite more positive health, better immunity, anxiety and stress reduction, better focus, greater communication, abundance and a lot more into your life.

Benefits of the program

Better health in body mind and spirit, more vitality, peace and harmony, greater poise, better communication, stability, enhanced brain function, balance and clearer thinking are just some of the benefits. You will find this intense stepped program a truly rewarding experience physically, emotionally, medically, socially and spiritually. There is so much life and health packed in this amazingly effective program!

How To Join

  • Check for dates with us and book your spot promptly.
  • Cost for Sanjeevani Level I is $550 (plus HST 
  • Make your payment on telephone or in person at the Yoga Studio or through email.


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