Sukshma Yoga

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Jun 162013

Sukshma Yoga


Sukshma Yoga-The Yoga for Everyone, or Subtle Yoga  is one of the most ancient and relatively little known form of Yoga. This is ‘The Yoga for Everyone’!

Sukshma Yoga can make you relax within a few minutes. Its effect penetrates subtle levels at the physical, mental and spiritual levels. This consists of gentle stretching and coordinated breathing, and breathing exercises, that result in deep relaxation. It includes easy exercises for the eyes, tongue and jaws, neck, hands, feet, knees, ankles and hips. In Sukshma Yoga the whole body, from head to toe, is treated, relaxed and rejuvenated. These exercises also stimulate, balance and energise the Marma points and Chakras. External and internal body parts undergo deep transformation in this type of Yoga. These are scientific exercises that not only make us strong and supple, but also help remove impurities from the body and improve the memory, concentration and will-power.

Sukshma Yoga routine includes more of those physical yogic movements which almost all of the people would be able to do. Hasta mudras or hand postures are also included. These classes are suitable even for those who have not done any form of yoga or exercise before and are afraid of trying yogic postures. The good thing about yoga is that there is something for everybody regardless of body weight, physical limitations/strength or flexibility. With the regular practice of those gentle movements you would be amazed to see how the yoga practice is helping you not only in making a difference in your lives but also helping in overcoming so many health issues. Regular practice of this type of Yoga ensures a long and healthy life.

People of every age, make, fitness level,belief, faith can do and receive the benefits of these exercises that can be very comfortably and safely practised. These exercises also make you ready for getting deeper into yoga and meditation in a very subtle way.

Our Beginners’ Level classes are based on Sukshma Yoga or Subtle Yoga.

You can learn Sukshma Yoga at SAVY under the most qualified and experienced faculty in London ON, and one of the most qualified and experienced faculty in North America!


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