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Fight Cancer


Fight Cancer


In an effort to provide hope and help to cancer patients and survivors, on or off treatment, at any stage of disease, we have introduced ‘Fight Cancer’ program as an extension of our Disease Reversal with Yoga Therapy and Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ programs.

Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ Program is the first, and so far the only, program in the world, to offer the benefits of Breathing Exercises and Surya-Yoga together for cancer and other major and minor diseases.

Cancer, like so many other diseases, has been eluding cure despite all medical research and informed enquiry so far. Skin cancer, Lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, lymphomas, leukemias, thyroid cancer, endometrial cancer…, the march of cancer is unhindered and any measures have not proved sufficient to contain its advance. Millions of people die every year because of cancer.

The link between insufficient oxygen and disease was established by modern science long time back. Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 and again in 1944 for discovering the cause of cancer. He said, “Cancer has only one prime cause. The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of body cells by an anaerobic (oxygen-less) cell respiration.” Once the level of oxygen available to a cell drops below 60% of normal, the cell is forced to switch to an inferior method of energy production — fermentation. The cell can never be returned to the proper oxidation system, and loses its governor on replication. It begins to reproduce copies of itself wildly, a condition we call cancer. His findings were endorsed by The National Cancer Institute in 1952. Dr. Harry Goldbatt  published his findings in the Journal of Experimental Medicine in 1953 and his research confirmed that lack of oxygen plays the major role in causing cells to become cancerous. Dr. Albert Wahl said, “Disease is due to a deficiency in the oxidation process of the body, leading to an accumulation of toxins. These toxins are ordinarily burned in normal oxidation.” Dr. Wendell Hendricks of the Hendricks Research Foundation wrote: ” Cancer is a condition within the body where the oxidation has become so depleted that the body cells have degenerated beyond control. The body is so overloaded with toxins that it sets up a tumor mass to harbor these poisons and remove them from general activity within the body.” The evidence from these doctors’ research is conclusive. Oxygen plays the primary role in health and well-being. It is important to note that fear, worry and depression all interfere with free breathing and thus reduce oxygen uptake.

Hope sustains life and the remedy for all this is right under your nose! Yoga has a well-established palliative and supportive role and it is already being recommended to cancer patients by various hospitals. Pranayama or the Science of Breathing offers still greater healing potential and is a ray of hope! Ashwin, or the moving breath, is the physician of gods – thus goes a verse from the Vedas! According to the scriptures, breath, if directed properly, can cure each and every disease. Pranayama, the science of breathing, has a lot to offer and holds a lot of promise. Physically speaking, 70% of toxins in our body are thrown out through breathing. So, breathing exercises offer to actively detoxify your body, optimise stress level, regulate lymph flow, balance hormones in the body, balance sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system, increase nitrous oxide production, stimulate pituitary gland directly, offer gentle massage to internal organs and even achieve much more than that. In an effort to heal the chronic, intractable and so far incurable diseases, recent years have seen a surge of interest in the healing potential of breathing exercises as well. A lot of work is being done on breathing exercises and their effects in some parts of the world and there have been reports of some amazing results.  recent medical study concluded that Yoga breathing (Pranayama) was a feasible intervention among patients with cancer receiving chemotherapy; pranayama may improve sleep disturbance, anxiety, and mental quality of life and a dose-response relationship was found between pranayama use and improvements in chemotherapy-associated symptoms and quality of life. And there are reports of cure of cancer, though unconfirmed by Modern Medicine, from some parts of the world! Surya-Traatak, or better known in the west as Sun-Gazing, a procedure in Surya Yoga or Sun Yoga, stimulates pineal and pituitary, also boosts body immunity, and this aspect can certainly be used to help control or cure diseases.

Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ Program, to fight cancer as well, is based on effective breathing techniques, validated by the stringent test of time and the millions who tried them, and backed and refined by Dr Sahdev’s almost three decades of study and superlative clinical experience at the fore-front of main-stream Medicine, inspired by his work in Surgical Oncology, Neurosurgery and other Super Specialities at premier medical institutes in India, his study, training and work in other Alternative modalities and Yoga, and an input of thousands of hours of educated and qualified clinical research and its deep analysis in India, these breathing and other techniques have been proven to actually deliver!

 ‘Fight Cancer’ program revolves mainly around breathing exercises, though there are other elements like Yoga Nutrition, Marma, Surya Traatak et al also.

To say the least, and claim the minimum, studies on the effect of breathing exercises done in the past on cancer patients have shown the following results:

  • Increased overall physical activity levels
  • Improved strength
  • Improved mood states
  • Decreased levels of perceived stress
  • Improved quality of life

With this newer and more refined ‘Fight Cancer’ program, we hope to go further and achieve much more.

We accept clients with any stage, any type, any level of the disease progression, provided they are able to breathe and follow instructions.

‘Fight Cancer’ is a stepped program. Clients start with the first step of Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ Program. They are required to learn and practice this routine of breathing exercises. After practicing this set of exercises for some time, at the dedicated classes at the Studio or at home, they can go in for the next step in Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ Program  when they are ready for it. The progress is individually monitored. Along with this breathing program, they have the option of getting guidance on Yoga Nutrition, and Marma Therapy as well. At a little more advanced level, some more procedure are also included.

This program can be easily followed by anyone who can breathe and can follow instruction. Those desirous of participating in the program can contact at the earliest possible and register for Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ Program program without losing any time. We want to be as helpful as possible, as early as possible.

Start with getting the Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ Program – Beginners CD/ audio + information booklet from the Studio and start practicing, or better still, go to Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ Program  page, fill up the contact form and send it to start the registration process for the next upcoming workshop.

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