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SAVY Yoga for Weight Loss

Donna Hebert

New Year is here and along with it all the New Year Resolutions! In North America, 70% people have weight reduction on the list of their New Year Resolutions!

A controversy exists whether Yoga can help you achieve your desired weight loss goals? The answer is a definite YES! Combining yoga, a healthy attitude and yoga nutrition are all steps to get there with a savvy SAVY style.

There are myths that many people believe that exercising vigorously is the way to slim down and keep fit, which leaves them feeling exhausted just thinking about the arduous path to weight loss. There are unrealistic exercise routines that are out there which discourage and harm many. These irrational methods sometimes work but any exercise or dietary routine which cannot be incorporated in lifestyle in the long run, fails to achieve any permanent results. Unscientific weight loss programs and diet regimens lead to more muscle loss instead of fat loss and may lead to nutritional imbalances. So, most of even those who are able to shed some weight through a lot of effort are likely to get all that flab back with interest very fast, or land up with some nutritional or even hormonal imbalances.

Fat loss and weight reduction can be safely achieved through yoga. Beginning with an intention of exactly why you want to lose weight helps you set an awareness and direction towards your weight loss goals. Incorporating a healthy lifestyle with nutrient rich foods, plenty of sleep and yoga is the first step towards a valuable weight loss journey with permanent results.

SAVY Yoga has prepared a Weight Loss Routine that is simple, fun, light-hearted, and speeds up the body’s fat burning abilities through combining Vinyasa yoga and Pranayama, the breathing exercises, which lower stress hormone level and decrease the cortisol in the body.  This activates the body’s inherent sculpting capability to shape, tone, build muscle and balance energy so that a permanent weight loss can be achieved. Specific Yoga routines can also help you sculpt just one body part. In conjunction with Yoga Nutrition and other elements of Yoga under Dr Jitender K Sahdev‘s expert guidance, results are bound to happen!


In SAVY Yoga for Weight Loss, the only weight you lift is your own. By completing the SAVY routine of stretches, breathing, and push and pull movements between your own muscle groups, yoga encourages fantastic benefits such as:

  • Reduces stress – reducing cortisol level and promoting better metabolism
  • Optimises hormones – through more balanced secretion of hormones at central and peripheral levels
  • Improves lymphatic circulation – helping you get rid of toxins in the body
  • Improves dietary habits – optimises diet through Yoga Nutrition advice, helping you  ward off toxins from nutrition
  • Creates more awareness – making you more aware and alive to your real potential
  • Raises heart rate – turning on cardio and fat burning abilities, and strengthening heart
  • Stretches muscles – helping you squeeze toxins out of muscles and body tissues.
  • Stimulates Marma points – helping you cleanse and balance your energy channels
  • Low impact exercise – Body and muscles are used fully in a low impact form that doesn’t stress the joints and ligaments
  • Increases brain volume, function, focus, coordination and balance
  • Promotes healthy lifestyle thus leading to more permanent results

A splendid mix and a great way to achieve overall positive health and a happier, more confident and slimmer you!

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