Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ (DSBH) Therapy

Breathe and Heal


Breathe and Heal


Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ Therapy, is a self-help tool for scientific retraining in breathing and awareness with Pranayama and mindfulness/ meditation, and healthy breathing patterns and rhythms. Including exercises which have been shown to be effective through research in Neurosciences, acting through and on Vagus and Trigeminal nerve, Cerebral cortex including Pre-Frontal cortex, Amygdala, Hippocampus, Pituitary, Pineal and other parts of brain, this is one of the safest, the most scientific and the most effective breathing programs ever!

It’s a TOP-NOTCH program optimized for safety and maximum healing effect!

It uses various mindfulness meditation, breathing and other Yogic techniques to restore a healthy milieu intérieur, or internal environment, for healing. Individualized approach includes, but is not limited to, breath and breathing pattern analysis that correlates with health and personal issues in life. It also incorporates personal intentions and practices acceptable to all.

Pranayama can be divided into three stages:
  1. awareness of prana,
  2. control of prana, and
  3. expansion of prana

Breath is your gateway to control of nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, immune and other systems. As guided by assessment sessions, you will be instructed to breathe using mindfulness and breathing techniques. These assist you in opening up through your breath. This is helpful in accelerated cleansing and healing. This helps you quickly free yourself of harmful mind patterns and belief systems, eliminating stress, tension, and worry. It helps you transform fear, tiredness, imbalance, criticism, stress, and drama, into genuine and healthy positive emotions. The effects go even beyond this and help in recovery from even serious physical ailments.

Sessions follow a period of quiet integration of your experience.

After a few facilitated sessions, it can be practiced alone .


Benefits of the program

This is as predictable, accurate, sharp and precise as the proverbial Surgeon’s Knife – the only breathing routine you’ll ever need!

This therapy is all about delivering results. We don’t stop just at palliation; we intend to take you beyond that.

Restoration of healthy micro-environment in the matrix of the body, better circulation, better health, more vitality, peace and harmony, greater poise, better communication, stability, enhanced brain function, balance and clearer thinking are just some of the benefits. This regimen is designed to be effective in all health ailments and you can expect improvement to total control of symptoms, depending on various factors. You will find this program a truly rewarding experience physically, emotionally, medically, socially and even spiritually. There is so much life and health packed in this amazingly effective program!

Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ Program is suitable for everyone. Different levels are progressively more suitable and effective for disease-reversal. Most of people report improvement right after the first session; this program acts fast especially on the psycho-somatic disorders though it is effective for all ailments. Data from medical studies supports effectiveness of these breathing exercises. Research has started confirming how breathing acts: research reported by Georgetown University Professor Candace Pert suggests that breathing is an entry point to access an information network responsible for coordinating and governing the nervous, endocrine and immune systems, as well as the psychology of the human body. Other studies have proven improvements even at cellular level.

As a rough guide, within 6 months of regular practice, you can expect to get the following benefits:


  • Be the healthiest you’ve ever been
  • Better energy levels
  • Increased Physical Well-being
  • A constant feeling of over-all well-being
  • Better stamina for just about anything
  • Better circulation
  • Balances the flow of energy through the body


  • Less stress, more balance, clearer thinking, enhanced brain function
  • More positive outlook
  • Reduces worry and anxiety
  • Enhances the awareness of self-sabotaging patterns
  • Releases past traumas – helpful in PTSD
  • Better appreciation and enjoyment of life
  • Relieves depressive and negative emotions
  • Improves self-esteem


  • Improvement/ total control of symptoms
  • Resolves addictions
  • Reduction in dependency on medicines
  • Improves well-being for many conditions and ailments
  • Improvements in Respiratory ailments, Headaches, Low energy, Psychosomatic illnesses, Anaerobic diseases, and many others (list is given below separately).


  • Open your breath and expand your life
  • Cascading effect of positivity into social life
  • More positive outlook
  • Better social interaction, communication
  • Encouraging and positive outlook towards one and all


  • Deepens mindfulness and meditation
  • Expand consciousness and awareness
  • Discover spirituality in everything
  • Fuller expression of love and joy


Mindfulness and Breathing are two great healing tools which Yoga has given to the world. Mindfulness is inherent in Pranayama, the Yogic science of breathing.

Breathing is the most important thing we do. It affects all other systems in our physical body profoundly. If we have a healthy breathing pattern and rhythm, the whole body responds positively to it. When healthy breathing returns, the symptoms of your condition are alleviated and begin to disappear. As the symptoms disappear/ recede, your dependence on medicines and/ or machines reduces. As you feel better, you develop a stronger immune system and can become more active. This makes you fitter and better able to cope with your condition, so that eventually it is possible to be symptom-free and have no need of medications.

If you can breathe, you can heal yourself!

Transform your life through the power of breath.

Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ Therapy is a scientific retraining in mindfulness and healthy breathing patterns and rhythms.

A unique fusion of modern and ancient science, wisdom and methods of scientific inquiry, and a result of millions of dollars worth of dedicated research, this breathing therapy for healing is primarily a training in different breathing exercises done in a very specific order to harmonize milieu interiur, and more, to help you overcome health ailments and achieve positive health. Through breathing you can heal not only yourself, but your environment also!

It is the first, and so far the only, program in the world, to offer the benefits of Breathing Exercises, Swara Yoga and Surya-Yoga together for asthma, breathing problems, heart problems, cancer care and other major and minor diseases. 

This is also the First Truly Canadian Yogic  Mindfulness and Breathing-Based Healing Program designed for therapy.

We take for granted our ability to breathe, but we can breathe well, or we can breathe poorly. A dysfunctional breathing pattern can contribute to musculoskeletal disorders and many other diseases. It can also be the underlying reason for conditions including chronic cough, asthma, snoring, sleep apnoea, anxiety and a mouth-breathing habit. Improper breathing can contribute to a range of medically unexplained symptoms and inhibit the healing process and the response to therapy. It is common in children, office workers and athletes; it may well be present in many of the people you work with in your chosen modality.
Yoga is already well-established as a palliative and supportive modality and it is already being recommended to cancer patients by various hospitals. Pranayama or the Science of Breathing offers still greater healing potential and is a ray of hope! Ashwin, or the moving breath, is the physician of gods – thus goes a verse from the Vedas! According to the scriptures, breath, if directed properly, can cure each and every disease.

Aa Vaat Vaahi Bheshajam Vi Vaat Vaahi Yadrpah |

Tvum Hi Vishvabheshajo Devanam Doot eeysae ||

Rig. 10/137/3

O Prana! Let the medicine flow into me, and, O Prana! Let the toxins within me flow out. You are most definitely the medicine of all ailments. You must be the messenger of gods!

Prana, which can be controlled through breath, can help us get rid of all the misery and disease – with a name or without it. Breath is the true and the greatest healer!

Pranayama, the science of breathing, has a lot to offer and holds a lot of promise. In physical terms, 70% of toxins in our body are thrown out through breathing. Hence, breathing exercises offer to actively detoxify your body, optimise stress level, regulate lymph flow, balance hormones in the body, balance sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system, increase nitrous oxide production, stimulate pituitary gland directly, offer gentle massage to internal organs and even achieve much more than that. Healthy breathing goes beyond diaphragm-breathing – it also incorporates nose-breathing, breathing at the correct rate, rhythm and volume and with the optimal O2/CO2 balance when at rest, during sleep, activity and sport.

It is very rewarding to see the improvements in health achieved so consistently, rapidly and profoundly for clients who improve the way they breathe. In an effort to heal the chronic, intractable and so far incurable diseases, recent years have seen a surge of interest in the healing potential of breathing exercises as well. A lot of work is being done on breathing exercises and their effects in some parts of the world and there have been reports of some amazing results. Surya-Traatak, or better known in the west as Sun-Gazing, a procedure in Surya Yoga or Sun Yoga, stimulates pineal and pituitary, also boosts body immunity, and this aspect can certainly be used to help control or cure diseases.

Based on mindfulness and effective breathing techniques, validated by the stringent test of time and the millions who tried them, and backed and refined by Dr Sahdev’s almost three decades of superlative clinical experience at the fore-front of main-stream Medicine, inspired by his work in Surgical Oncology, Neurosurgery and other Super Specialities at premier medical institutes in India, his study and work in other Alternative modalities and Yoga, and an input of thousands of hours of educated and qualified clinical research and its deep analysis in India, these breathing and other techniques have been proved to actually deliver!

Scientific Basis

Usefulness of Yoga Therapy programs in treatment is now being documented through various studies. A recent medical study concluded that Yoga breathing (Pranayama) was a feasible intervention among patients with cancer receiving chemotherapy; pranayama may improve sleep disturbance, anxiety, and mental quality of life and a dose-response relationship was found between pranayama use and improvements in chemotherapy-associated symptoms and quality of life. A lot more work needs to be done to document the full potential of Pranayama.

The link between insufficient oxygen and disease was established by modern science long time back. Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 and again in 1944 for discovering the cause of cancer. He said, “Cancer has only one prime cause. The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of body cells by an anaerobic (oxygen-less) cell respiration.” Once the level of oxygen available to a cell drops below 60% of normal, the cell is forced to switch to an inferior method of energy production — fermentation. The cell can never be returned to the proper oxidation system, and loses its governor on replication. It begins to reproduce copies of itself wildly, a condition we call cancer. His findings were endorsed by The National Cancer Institute in 1952. Dr. Harry Goldbatt  published his findings in the Journal of Experimental Medicine in 1953 and his research confirmed that lack of oxygen plays the major role in causing cells to become cancerous. Dr. Albert Wahl said, “Disease is due to a deficiency in the oxidation process of the body, leading to an accumulation of toxins. These toxins are ordinarily burned in normal oxidation.” Dr. Wendell Hendricks of the Hendricks Research Foundation wrote: ” Cancer is a condition within the body where the oxidation has become so depleted that the body cells have degenerated beyond control. The body is so overloaded with toxins that it sets up a tumor mass to harbor these poisons and remove them from general activity within the body.” The evidence from these doctors’ research is conclusive. Oxygen plays the primary role in health and well-being. It is important to note that fear, worry and depression all interfere with free breathing and thus reduce oxygen uptake.  Recent studies have established a direct link between hypoxia and the composition and the organization of the extra-cellular matrix (ECM) which suggests a new model in which multiple microenvironmental signals might converge to synergistically influence metastatic outcome. The ECM is a highly dynamic structure that is present in all tissues and continuously undergoes controlled remodelling. This process involves quantitative and qualitative changes in the ECM, mediated by specific enzymes that are responsible for ECM degradation. The ECM interacts with cells to regulate diverse functions, including proliferation, migration and differentiation. ECM remodelling is crucial for regulating the morphogenesis of the intestine and lungs, as well as of the mammary and submandibular glands.  Dysregulation of ECM composition, structure, stiffness and abundance contributes to several pathological conditions, such as fibrosis and invasive cancer.

Various mechanisms of action of Pranayama have been proposed and confirmed in recent times: effect on parasympathetic nervous system, effect on ECM directly and via stress, direct stimulation of certain brain areas, effect on endocrine system, detoxification of lungs, oxygenation of tissues etc. Though there have been several medically undocumented reports of miracle cures with these exercises, a lot of committed work needs to be done in that direction. We shall refrain from committing to anything more than what is already medically documented. Modern Science has started discovering the wonders that can be achieved with Yoga and Pranayama, the science of breathing exercises, very recently, and already the results that are coming out are amazing! Here is what some of the recent studies have concluded:

  1. Brain Growth: According to a Harvard study, when controlled breathing is used during meditation, it can actually increase the size of the brain. Meditation that involves focusing one’s attention on the breath has the capacity to increase cortical thickness. Please click at the link to read about some major studies done on the effect of meditation on brain. Another paper mentions the role of meditation in improving the quality of life.
  2. Prevent Heart Attack: Low heart rate variability has been associated with a greater risk of heart attacks. A 2012 study found that deep breathing practices can improve heart rate variability in healthy test subjects.
  3. Lower Stress: Shallow breathing is a sign of stress and ‘fight or flight’ sign of the body. Sitting quietly and focussing on your breathing helps your body achieve a state of calm, shifting from functioning from sympathetic nervous system ( characterized by drive, fight, flight and ambition) to the parasympathetic nervous system (relax and receive).
  4. Trauma Release: According to Polyvagal Theory, based on Dr Stephen Porges’ work on Sri Sri Ravishankar’s Sudarshan Kriya, which links the evolution of the autonomic nervous system to the emergence of social behavior, the more primitive branch of vagus, the dorsal vagus complex, or the ‘vegetative vagus’, elicits immobilization behaviors (e.g., feigning death), whereas the more evolved branch is linked to social communication and self-soothing behaviors. We may go into ‘freeze’ and still not be aware of it! Pranayama and meditation are important techniques to regulate tone of vagus nerve, and hence overcome acute or chronic trauma. 
  5. Rhythm of Breathing affects Memory and Fear: Rhythm of breathing modifies electrical activity in the human brain that enhances emotional judgments and memory recall. Scientific evidence has been found for respiratory changes of local field potential activity in human piriform cortex, amygdala, and hippocampus. These effects diminished with oral breathing. It was confirmed that the breathing phase systematically influences cognitive tasks related to amygdala and hippocampal functions.
  6. Get rid of Negative Emotions: We feel short of breath during times of panic or stress. This is the body’s natural reaction to a perceived threat. Focusing on breathing can help to alleviate anxiety, symptoms of depression, and other negative emotions. Last year, Australian researchers found that deep breathing 30 minutes before a performance effectively reduced musicians’ performance anxiety.
  7. Reduce Examination Phobia: A 2007 study published in the journal ‘Teaching and Learning in Medicine’ found that students who practiced deep-breathing meditation before an exam reported perceiving less anxiety, self-doubt and concentration loss than the students who did not practice deep breathing .
  8. Lower Blood Pressure: Taking slow, deep breaths for just a few minutes a day could help lower your blood pressure, according to Dr. David Anderson of the National Institutes of Health. While researchers have observed that slow, deep breaths can help to relax and temporarily dilate blood vessels, they don’t yet know precisely why deep breathing has the capacity to cause a lasting drop in blood pressure.
  9. Inflammation and Immune Function: A brief daily yogic meditation intervention may reverse the pattern of increased NF-κB-related transcription of pro-inflammatory cytokines and decreased IRF1-related transcription of innate antiviral response genes previously observed in healthy individuals confronting a significant life stressor. Activation of vagus nerve through Pranayama also has neuro-immunomodulatory effect on cancerous tumors.
  10. Gene Expression: A recent study found that mind-body practices like yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises can trigger the body’s “relaxation response,” a physiological state of deep relaxation that alters the way it responds to stress. This state can counter the negative effects of stress for people with health conditions like anxiety and hypertension, by actually altering the expression of genes in the immune system.
  11. Cellular Aging: A pilot study published in International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry found that brief daily meditation practices by family dementia caregivers can lead to improved mental and cognitive functioning and lower levels of depressive symptoms. This improvement is accompanied by an increase in telomerase activity suggesting improvement in stress-induced cellular aging.
  12. Oxidative Stress: In a study done on effect of yoga in Diabetes-2 cases, yoga resulted in significant reduction in BMI, glycemic control, and malondialdehyde and increase in glutathione and vitamin C and helps in reducing oxidative stress in type 2 diabetes. Yoga in addition to standard care helps reduce BMI and improve glycemic control in type 2 diabetic patients.

There is also evidence for role of yoga breathing in asthma and more evidence is accumulating. Effects of Pranayama may be confirmed by science, though the understanding of the complete mechanism of action will always be a part of ‘para‘ (beyond) knowledge.

And there are reports of cure of cancer, though unconfirmed by Modern Medicine, from some parts of the world!

The number of studies runs into thousands and this is out of scope here to enlist all of them, but this should go a long way to prove the relevance and authenticity of Yoga wisdom. Yogis knew all this for thousands of years without any million or billion dollar labs!

Yoga is, indeed, a science beyond nano-science!

 No matter what health challenge you face today, there is certainly hope for a remedy.  

Highlights of the Program

  • Designed and researched by a well-trained, well-qualified doctor in Modern Medicine, equally qualified and well-conversant with Yoga and other alternative systems, who has studied as well as taught this all for almost three decades
  • A unique fusion of modern scientific inquiry and ancient sciences and wisdom
  • Fruit of almost three decades of diligent, systematic and painstaking study and clinical research
  • Based on breathing exercises which have been proven to heal, and some very specific postures, and more
  • One of the most effective breathing and healing programs
  • A very well-designed, well-managed program, easy to comprehend and follow
  • Under supervision of one of the most qualified Yoga faculty in the world
  • Proper follow up program
  • Learn this routine to regain, maintain or improve your health

Natural, Potent, Safe, Drug-free, Effective

Controlling your breath is a strong remedy against a wide range of sufferings. Done optimally and with correct technique, your breath can activate your nervous system, optimise glandular secretions, boost the body immunity and rehabilitation process and fight illness, stress and pain. You can elevate your energy level and bring more joy into your life!

This art and science of living could truly be a LIFE TRANSFORMING experience for you in the safest possible way.

Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ Therapy is designed to get your health back on track, and to address all health ailments – the simplest to even the most complex ones.

 Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ Therapy is more about scientific, efficient and effective breathing through correct breathing techniques, and recharging your body with the pure, unadulterated energy through Surya-Yoga.

The breathing techniques included in the program have been tested medically and have been proven to be a natural, safe, drug-free and effective way to relieve, control or eliminate the symptoms of various diseases, like Heart Diseases, Asthma, COPD, Allergies, Stress-related disorders, Panic Attacks, Diabetes, Hypertension, CAD, Lipid Disorders, Auto-immune disorders, Brain Degenerative Disorders, Ataxias, Fatigue, Sleep Disorders, Mood Disorders, Irritability, Snoring, Cancer, Tumours, Side-effects of Medicines, the list is endless….

 Learn the ways to lead a long, healthy, disease-free life.

Learn how to regain your health if you’ve lost it or how to maintain the excellent health that you currently enjoy, and even slow down premature ageing.

Learn all that directly from the creator of the program, and under one of the most qualified teams.

We understand the demands of modern life and respect your time. We’ll try our best to be flexible and accommodate your schedule.

Amenable Conditions 
As per various studies, the following are only a sample of the most common conditions that have responded to exercises included in DSBH Therapy in the past. Please call us about other conditions not listed below.

  •  #acne
  •  #addictions to, drugs, alcohol and other addictions
  •  #ADHD (adult and childhood)
  •  #adrenal fatigue
  •  #allergies (food and environmental and others)
  •  #alopecia
  •  #anxiety
  •  #arthritis
  •  #asthma
  •  #autoimmune diseases and other immune issues
  •  #bloating
  •  #brain fog
  •  #burning tongue syndrome
  •  #bursitis
  •  #cancer support
  •  #candida (yeast) infection.
  •  #chronic abdominal pain not responding to other therapies
  •  #chronic back pain
  •  #chronic bronchitis
  •  #chronic candida (yeast infection)
  •  #chronic cellulitis
  •  #chronic constipation
  •  #chronic cough
  •  #chronic diarrhea
  •  #chronic dizziness
  •  #chronic fatigue
  •  #chronic neck pain
  •  #chronic pain not responding to other treatments
  •  #chronic rashes not responding to other treatments
  •  #chronic toxins and chronic infections
  •  #chronic wound infection
  •  #congestive heart failure
  •  #COPD
  •  #coronary artery disease
  •  #Crohn’s disease
  •  #CTS ( carpal tunnel syndrome)
  •  #cystitis( painful urination)
  •  #dandruff
  •  #degenerative joint disease
  •  #depression
  •  #diabetes
  •  #dysmenorrhea
  •  #dysbiosis
  •  #endometriosis
  •  #fibroid of uterus
  •  #fibromyalgia
  •  #fluid retention
  •  #frequent urination
  •  #frozen shoulders
  •  #general weakness
  •  #gluten intolerance
  •  #gout
  •  #halitosis ( bad breath)
  •  #hashimoto’s and other thyroid problems
  •  #heartburn
  •  #herniated discs, bulging discs and other discs problems
  •  #hiatus hernia
  •  #high cholesterol
  •  #high cholesterol, high triglyceride and low HDL
  •  #hirsutism ( excessive hair growth)
  •  #hoarseness
  •  #hormonal imbalance
  •  #hot flashes
  •  #hypertension (high blood pressure)
  •  #hypotension (low blood pressure)
  •  #IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
  •  #inability to concentrate or focus
  •  #indigestion
  •  #insomnia (lack of sleep)
  •  #lack of energy
  •  #lactose intolerance
  •  #leaky gut syndrome
  •  #low sex drive and other sexual issues
  •  #lupus
  •  #memory issues
  •  #metabolic syndrome
  •  #metabolic syndrome (syndrome x)
  •  #migraine and other chronic headache
  •  #multiple sclerosis
  •  #muscle pain
  •  #muscle spasm
  •  #natural detoxification
  •  #obesity (overweight)
  •  #ovarian failure
  •  #panic attack
  •  #parasites.
  •  #Parkinsonism
  •  #peptic ulcer disease
  •  #perimenopausal and postmenopausal discomfort
  •  #peripheral neuropathy
  •  #phobias
  • #pituitary fatigue
  • #PMS
  • #polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • #post Lyme disease sickness (chronic Lyme)
  • #post vaccination sickness
  • #psoriasis
  • #PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • #rashes
  • #recurrent corns
  • #recurrent ear infections
  • #recurrent infections
  • #recurrent lung infection
  • #recurrent sinus infection
  • #recurrent urinary tract infections
  • #recurrent warts
  • #rheumatoid arthritis
  • #sinus problems
  • #smoke cessation
  • #small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
  • #tendinitis
  • #tennis elbow
  • #thyroid disorders – hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism etc
  • #thyroid fatigue
  • #TMJ problems
  • #ulcerative colitis
  • #upper respiratory infection
  • #whiplash

and other conditions where conventional treatment failed.

The Program

DSBH Therapy is one of the most potent tools to set you on course of a completely healthy life in body, mind and spirit and help you realise your full potential! By oxygenating and energising every tissue in the body, it not only ameliorates the problems due to internalised stress, but also harmonizes the whole system by cleansing the accumulated and accumulating toxins in the body, giving the body’s immune system a chance to recover more completely with time-proven exercises. Studies on some of these exercises have proven their most profound effectiveness.

DSBH Therapy teaches you some proven, very effective breathing exercises, some meditation, mudras, and more, and unravels a world of new possibilities. This constitutes a self-sufficient program which awakens body’s enormous healing potential. It introduces you to ways to invite more positivity, greater health, better optimized immunity, ways to deal with anxiety and stress reduction, get better focus, better communication and a lot more into your life.

For ease of learning and absolute safety, DSBH Therapy is offered in a stepped manner, each step introducing you to newer levels – an increasing number of breathing exercises, their different variations, deeper meditation techniques, and a lot more, though each level is an independent, effective, self-contained program in itself. Modules are advised according to severity of the problem.

Various steps of the program introduce you progressively to fuller and greater potential of DSBH Therapy and are more suited for more difficult, chronic or intricate problems. These are advised according to personal preparation, need and training.

These steps are:


Taming the breath has been equated with taming a wild horse, and that does take substantial skill!

A verse in the Sama Veda cautions,

Yatha sinho gaja vyadho, bhavedvashya shanaiha shanaiha. Thartheva sevitho vayurnyartha hanthi sadhakam

– Just like an elephant, a lion or a tiger can be tamed slowly and gradually, in the same way a practitioner should try to tame his breath slowly, slowly or else it kills the practitioner himself.

Proper assessment and impeccable technique is imperative and vital. Safety always comes first. For this, caution cannot be over-emphasized.

Also, other yogic exercises should be done only with proper care and technique.

Some recent studies have documented the side effects and complications associated with Yoga and Pranayama:

  1. Adverse Events Associated with Yoga: A Systematic Review of Published Case Reports and Case Series
  2. Adverse Events Associated with Yoga: A Systematic Review of Published Case Reports and Case Series

For the sake of your own safety, please learn all this only UNDER QUALIFIED AND EXPERT CARE AT SAVY STUDIO or from a CERTIFIED DBE (DSBH Breathing Educator).

What to Expect

Encounter with any serious or chronic disease is challenging and can sometimes leave you feeling uncomfortable in your skin. One can lose ground and feeling of stability. There can be residual effects of fear and anxiety and physical trauma in the body that one wants to unwrap. DSBH Therapy and Therapeutic Yoga is about coming home to your breath, to your body, to yourself, and to life in this moment.

One-on-one yoga therapy works individually regarding one’s physical and emotional needs through the movement of yoga and the breath and is the best option. It is mindful, releasing, nourishing, restorative and ultimately empowering, as we begin to tend to the body’s desire for breath, stability, fluid mobility and supple balance.

DSBH Therapy is suitable for everyone and has no contra-indications whatsoever. If followed regularly, it bestows a healthy and disease-free life on its practitioner. Each module is independent and training in each module/ level has to be followed by a specific period of practice before moving on to the next module. Learn it and practice it regularly. Please click below to begin your journey with MBH:

MBH (Mindfulness and Breathing Based Healing) 


Please contact us for more details.

We also recommend making use of other specialized services available at SAVY Studio.

Note : SAVY Studio is not an emergency medical facility nor does it include medical diagnosis or medical treatment and is not a substitute for medical care. Yoga and Ayurveda are currently considered a form of complementary and alternative medicine in Canada. These are not licensed in Ontario as a medical discipline or practice. All services and treatments provided are complementary or alternative to health care services provided by licensed health care practitioners. Yoga and Ayurveda are complementary to and supportive of traditional western medicine as practiced in Canada.

DSBH Therapy® or any of its component levels have not been evaluated by Health Canada, US Food & Drug Administration or the American Medical Association. This technology does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Medical advice must only be obtained from a physician or qualified health practitioner. Results may vary between individuals. There are no guarantees, expressed, or implied.

You should check with your health care professional before starting this or any new therapy or exercise program or breathing routine. This is especially important if you have any pre-existing health conditions, such as high blood pressure, migraines or heart or lung ailments. Women who are pregnant or think they might be pregnant should consult their physician before performing any of the breathing or physical exercises or undertaking any therapy program.

The information contained in the program is not intended to serve as a replacement for professional medical advice. Any use of the information in these programs/ workshops is at the reader’s discretion, risk and responsibility. The studio, author and the publisher specifically disclaim any and all liability arising directly or indirectly from the use or application of any information contained herein. A health care professional should be consulted regarding your specific situation. 

  If you have a genuine interest in empowering people with health issues, click below and check out the DSBH Breathing Educator program: DSBH Breathing Educator Program  

Fight Cancer

Breathing Exercises for Stress,Anxiety,Insomnia

Asthma and Allergy Care Workshop

Breathing Exercises for Stress,Anxiety,Insomnia, with Immediate Relief

Breathing Exercises for Cancer

Yoga for Hypertension, Heart Disease, Stroke  

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