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SAVY 50+ Yoga – Yoga for the 50 Plus

 50+ Yoga

“First, follow the truth, and then truth will follow you…. In the beginning, it is true that confidence and trust are necessary, but as you continue to practice, every step will bring more and more hope and greater confidence. If we are Yogis just even for one day, we will be transformed for ever and would want more of it.”

-The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, 2.36

If you are 50+, yoga is certainly for you!

By the time you reach 50, your heart has beaten more than 1.5 billion times, your lungs have taken over 400 million breaths, you’ve laughed, loved, won, and lost.

One thing you never want to lose is your health.

The human body is a durable machine. It operates without interruption, day after day, year after year. But are you taking the right steps to keep this vital machine as healthy as possible through mid-life and beyond?

At SAVY, we guide you to maintain and improve your health! We offer some very specialised, effective programs for mature adults, viz., programs for 50+, Part-time Personnel, Retired Personnel and Seniors. 

Mature adults have always received a very warm welcome in our classes; some of them come to recover from years of neglect of their bodies or the assault of years of intense exercise, or of practising unsuitable pseudo-yoga routines, while others join in to prevent heart disease and osteoporosis and the general rigidity and weakness that may set in with age, and some are there even to actually recover from these problems and more serious health issues. While we have always had some yoga classes dedicated to the health of 50+ group, by introducing 50 Plus Yoga, we’ll be earmarking more classes which are more suitable for those around 50 or more mature adults, though they are always welcome to join us in any of our classes.

50+ Yoga can make you relax within a few minutes. Its effect penetrates the physical, mental and spiritual levels. This consists of gentle stretching and coordinated breathing, and breathing exercises, that result in deep relaxation. It includes easy exercises for the eyes, tongue and jaws, neck, hands, feet, knees, ankles and hips. The whole body, from head to toe, is treated, relaxed and rejuvenated. These exercises stimulate, balance and energise the Marma points and Chakras and optimise neuronal and hormone health of the physical body. External and internal body parts undergo deep transformation over a period of time. These scientific exercises not only make us stronger and more supple, but also help remove impurities from the body and improve the memory, concentration and will-power.

With age, in fact, after the age of 40 and sometimes even earlier, we start losing joint mobility and balance, as well as muscle and bone mass and stiffness sets in as the spine loses its mass and mobility. By age 45, we start paying for our sins. Neck and back problems, knee pain, hip joint problems, high blood pressure and tons of other problems start showing up by middle life. Aging is multifactorial and many other factors also play an important role. Consequently, almost all of those 45 and over have to learn to live with one or the other health issue.

Yoga is the best anti-aging potion that can be there! One can slow down ageing with yoga, or even reverse the ageing process with advanced yoga. Yogic exercises act by opening the postures and moving each joint through its full range of movement and counter the effects of gravity by lengthening the spine. Different elements of yoga need to be emphasised for different age-groups: the emphasis for the younger yogi is building and challenging the body, by midlife, the focus is on maintaining optimum health including injury prevention through yoga lifestyle (e.g. mindset, biomechanics, safe user-friendly routines, advanced breathing techniques (Pranayama), proper food choices, rest and relaxation). In yoga, the age of a person is determined by the age of the spine, and also by the length of the sciatic nerve. So, by working on these principles while avoiding the damage caused by intense exercises or wrong exercise routines, one can hope to stay healthy.

SAVY 50 + Yoga routines address some key issues:

  • People starting yoga around age 50 and later usually come to class with various health issues commonly associated with the ageing process, such as increasing stiffness, back and neck pain, kyphosis, problems with balance, arthritis, osteoporosis, knee and hip replacements, heart health and blood pressure issues. Slow paced classes with slow stretches and breathing exercises help people recover. We have seen miraculous health improvements happen in our classes.
  • Starting with simple lying down poses that are generally safe for everyone is the routine practice at SAVY. We introduce students to more challenging poses, such as leg stretches, hip openers and twists, in a graded manner. Slow and gentle allows the body to go deeper into the poses.
  • With so many like-minded, similarly aged people around, motivation level improves quickly. So, the challenge of convincing people that it’s something they need to do, is more than met.
  • It’s sometimes particularly hard for many older men and seasoned yogis to slow down, or not try to replicate what someone younger and more adept in the class is doing. The threshold for when to slow down is individual – it depends on when you started yoga and what shape you’re in. Some 70 years olds may be stronger or more flexible than an out-of-shape 25 years old. Still, we always caution to observe and be cautious about individual limits to avoid injury.
  • Use of props may encourage students to go a little further than their body permits. We have always discouraged the use of any props in our classes.
  • The focus is more on maintenance and improvement of function with practice. The purpose, key areas of focus and limitations in each pose are explained well to understand that.
  • Everybody gets individual attention at SAVY Studio, be it a larger or a smaller group. That helps avoid injury.
  • Everybody can benefit from yoga. Pranayama aids further in internal healing of the body, mind and spirit.
  • It’s important to keep the head below heart level for at least 10 minutes. So, we include inverted poses in routines which everyone can do.
  • We practice in a way that is appropriate, soothing and healing. We never force and always avoid poses that bear weight directly on the neck and head.
  • We advise modifications of challenging poses to make it easy for those who find it difficult to do them.
  • We focus on exercises which lengthen the spine.
  • We teach to move from hip joints instead of bending back and neck too much during bending poses.

Gently Challenging yoga poses,

Energizing rounds of Sun Salutations,

Rejuvenating Breathing exercises,

Connecting Primordial Sound Chanting. 

Relaxing Meditation,

Awakening Yoga Nidra,

Cleansing & detoxifying Kriyas,

And more unique benefits of other Yoga elements,

We offer one of the most complete & healing yoga routines on this planet!

Come and check out the 100% pure Yoga routine

Learn and practice these routines and see yourself getting healthier by leaps and bounds.

Experience the grandeur, challenge, authenticity, depth and expanse of yoga

Come and witness the potential of pure yoga!

Learn all that directly under expert guidance of one of the most qualified faculty in the world!

50+ Yoga Classes daily at SAVY Healing Yoga Studios

We have marked classes in the schedule with a ‘50+’ sign to make it easy for you to find them.

These classes are more suitable for those around 50 and more and it’s advisable to start with these classes.

 Choose your class today! Please book your spot in advance to avoid inconvenience.

Pre-registration at least one day in advance is mandatory.

Please check details with the Studio or click below:


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