Yoga Teacher Training Courses


Yoga Teacher Training Courses

SAVY International Inc. is a registered RYS 200 and RYS 300 Yoga Alliance Teacher Training School and a Private Educational Institution certified with the Federal Government of Canada. RYT 200 and RYT 500 Teacher training students will receive an official tuition fee receipt and an official education and textbook credit for income tax purposes. If you have questions about our 200 Hour or 500 Hour Teacher Training Program, please send an email to for an immediate response.

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Please check our Yoga Alliance, USA page here

At SAVY, we offer basic and advanced training programs to Yoga aspirants at all levels of learning; we offer myriad of more advanced training programs in traditional ashtanga yoga, pranayama, meditation and other elements of yoga. Some of the available courses are show in the chart below.

As indicated, Primary and Secondary Series are  equivalent to RYT 200 and RYT 300 (equalling RYT 500) respectively. For advanced levels, we accept students trained only through SAVY programs. Please subscribe to website, like our Facebook page, and/ or contact Studio to know dates of registration for different programs.

We offer these courses in #full time as well as #part time formats.


Only sky is the limit for learning at SAVY!


To check the calendar of Upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Courses, please click here.


Please click on individual courses to know about details:

Yoga Teacher Training Course RYT 200

Yoga Teacher Training Course Mentorship Program

RYT 500 Yoga Teacher Training

For new Registered Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda courses registered with Worldwide Yoga Alliance, Canada, please click here.



Free E-Course in Mindfulness and Breathing-based Healing (MBH)



SAVY Yoga Foundation Certificate Course – 100 Hour Course

SAVY Yoga Mentorship Program (SYMP)



SAVY 200 (RYT 200)

SAVY 500 (RYT 500)







Integrated Anatomy and Physiology:

Integrated Anatomy and Therapeutics (95 Hours), included in RYT 500 Core Curriculum

Subtle Energy Body and Chakras (45 Hours), included in RYT 500 Core Curriculum

Ilio-psoas – Seat of the Spirit Teacher Training (35 Hours)



Advanced Asanas – SAVY Secondary Series (45 Hours), included in RYT 500 Core Curriculum

Advanced Asanas – SAVY Tertiary Series (500 Hours)

Advanced Asanas – SAVY Quaternary Series (1000 Hours)

SAVY Yoga for Seniors Teacher Training Program (85 Hours)

Prakriti, Doshas and Downdogs Teacher Training (85 Hours)

SAVY Yoga Dance Teacher Training (95 Hours)

SAVY Chair Yoga Teacher Training (30 Hours)

Five Tibetan Rites ( 35 Hours)

Yoga with Laughter (45 Hours)

Surya Namaskar (25 Hours)



DSBH/ MBH Breathing Educator – MBH (DBE-MBH, 30 Hours)

The Basics of Pranayama  (85 Hours)

More About Pranayama  (300 Hours)

Advanced Pranayama  (1000 Hours)

Swara Yoga (45 Hours)


Meditation and Nada Yoga:

Mantra Yoga and Sound Healing (45 Hours)

Pranav Jaap/ Primordial Sound Meditation (25 Hours)

Vipashyana/ Vipasana/ Breath Awareness Meditation (25 Hours)

Meditation Techniques (95 Hours)

Marma Meditation (25 Hours)

Kundalini Meditation (45 Hours)

Tantra Meditation Techniques (95 Hours)

Chandali or Tummo – The Inner Heat Meditation (35 Hours)


Kriyas and Mudras:

Shambhavi Mahamudra (95 Hours)

Neti (30 Hours)

Tratak (30 Hours)

Shatkarma (45 Hours)

Hasta Mudra Vigyan – The Science of Hand Gestures, Level I (30 Hours)

Hasta Mudra Vigyan – The Science of Hand Gestures, Level II (45 Hours)

Hasta Mudra Vigyan – The Science of Hand Gestures, Level III  (95 Hours)

Hasta Mudra Vigyan – The Science of Hand Gestures, Level IV (45 Hours)

Mudra Vigyan – The Science of Gestures (95 Hours)

Bandhas/ Body Locks (25 Hours)


Teaching Methodology:

Business of Yoga (35 Hours)


Tantra Yoga:

Introduction to Partner Yoga (35 Hours)

Introduction to Tantra Yoga (45 Hours)


Yoga History and Philosophy:

Sanskrit for Yoga (95 Hours)

Hatha Yoga Pradeepika (95 Hours)

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (95 Hours)

Madbhagvad Gita (95 Hours)

Yoga History and Philosophy (95 Hours)



Prakriti, Doshas and Downdogs Teacher Training (85 Hours)

Nutrition  in Ayurveda and Yoga (45 Hours)

Pulse Diagnosis (35 Hours)


Yoga Therapy:

Certified Trauma Release Yoga Practitioner Level 1 (30 Hours)

Yoga for Fibromyalgia Teacher Training (25 Hours)

Yoga for Breast Cancer Teacher Training (30 Hours)

Yoga for Breast Cancer Teacher Training – Advanced (95 Hours)

SAVY Face Yoga Teacher Training (30 hours)

Face Yoga Teacher Training – Advanced (35 hours)

Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Yoga (250 Hours)

Yoga for Osteoporosis (25 Hours)

Yoga for Heart Diseases, Stroke, Stress (100 Hours)

 Yoga for Sexual Disorders (100 Hours)


Ayurvedic/ Yoga Massages:

Self-Massage Techniques (45 Hours)

Introduction to Marma Therapy (45 Hours)

Marma Therapy (95 Hours)

Indian Head Massage (35 Hours)

Shiropichhu (35 Hours)

Abhyanga Massage (35 Hours)

Gharshan Massage (35 Hours)





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