Yoga Class Types

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Yoga Class Types

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We offer so many different types of classes at SAVY suitable for all age groups and yogis at all levels of expertise. There is only ONE Yoga, though there can be different styles according to personal likes and dislikes, experiences, preferences etc. The practice at Yoga Classes of any style of Yoga such as SAVY YogaHatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power YogaBikram Yoga Sivanand Yoga or Iyenger style of yoga mainly includes the same basic components of yoga which are asanas (postures), breathing exercises ( called pranayama), relaxing techniques, physical and mental gestures ( mudras) , locking actions (bandhas) and shatkarmas (six cleansing act of yoga) etc. However, the difference in the different forms of yoga lies in the sequencing, duration for which each posture is held, speed at which postures are performed, inclusion or exclusion of pranayama, marma, bandhas or mudras etc.

As every person is different from the other in regard to his/her physical strength, tolerance, flexibility, stamina, level of awareness etc. the different Yoga Classes for yoga styles termed with different names have been structured so as to meet the needs of each and every person regardless of his/her state of health or age. At our studios we make sure that full justice is done to the practice of yoga strictly adhering to the principles and guidelines laid down in the ancient yogic scriptures. So, whatever class you decide to join with us, rest assured, you’ll be doing yoga at all times! That’s the reason we offer you to try all the different classes with a Trial Voucher for  a limited period and then decide which class/classes you wish to enrol for that suits your needs.

Various components/ elements of each London Yoga Class at SAVY are as follows:

1. A – Asanas or Yoga Postures
2. P – Pranayama or Breathwork
3. V – Visualisation
4. M – Meditation
5. C – Chanting, Mantra
6. K – Kriyas
7. CA – Chakra Awakening
8. LY – Laughter Yoga
9. NY – Nada Yoga (Classical Music based on Ragas)

10.Pr – Pratyahara

11. MT – Marma Therapy

12. Tr – Traatak 

13. SY – Surya Yoga 

14. CY – Chandra Yoga

15. Sw Y – Swara Yoga

When deciding upon which Yoga Class to join, please confirm yourself or seek guidance on which components you should start with. In general, one should start with the easier classes and move on to more difficult levels in a stepped manner.

General speaking, all our Yoga Classes at beginners’ level include some basic Pranayama (breathing exercises) and most classes are in 60 minute format.

According to the level of difficulty and expertise required, the Yoga Classes are divided into three broad categories : Level I, II and III.

Beginners’ Level I

This Yoga Class is based on Sukshma Yoga and has been structured especially for those who have not done any form of yoga or exercise before and are afraid of to try the yogic postures, though this is more than relevant even for an advanced student. The good thing about yoga is that there is something for everybody regardless of body weight, physical limitations/strength or flexibility. This class would include more of those physical yogic movements which most of the people would be able to do. With the regular practice of those gentle movements they would be amazed to see how the yoga practice is helping them in making a difference in their lives. This level is available in 60 minute format.

Also, components available are : P, B, M, C.

Beginners’ Level II

This Yoga Class has been structured for those who have done some form of yoga or exercise before and have some expertise to try the more difficult yogic postures. This class would include more of those physical yogic movements which require more flexibility or more statmina. With the regular practice, they would be amazed to see how the yoga practice helps them in making a difference in their lives. This level is also available in 60 minute format.

Components available are : P, B, M, V, C, CA.

Beginners’ Level III

This Yoga Class has been structured for those who have been doing some form of yoga at B II level for some time and are ready for more intricate forms of yoga postures, breathwork, meditation techniques, chanting and chakra awakening exercises. This level is available in 60 minute format.

All components of yoga are available at this level.

Meditation and Pranayama:

This Yoga Class is very carefully structured in order to help one get into meditation. This class would include the practice of mantras (mantras are special Sanskrit words which when pronounced generate special energies within the body and activates the chakras i.e. Eight Energy centers of the body) and important breathing exercises. The practice of breathing exercises helps to purify our body from the impurities and greatly affects the functioning of our endocrine system. This class is quite suitable for executives and for those who have more mental stress.


Pratyahara is  withdrawal of senses from external stimuli. As your practice deepens and your focus increases, you can start practising pratyahara, which, simply stated, means you start focusing inward. You learn to withdraw your senses and focus them inside one by one. You can feel enormous peace while doing this and this is one of the best ways to de-stress.

Yoga for Kids (6-12 years)

The kids love to do yoga postures. The practice of yoga helps children to build up strong foundation of their health and well being. It also makes them much stronger, flexible, disciplined and more focused in their studies and other activities of life. Yoga class for kids is very well structured keeping in view the tenderness of their joints and muscles. We do take utmost care in regard to their safety from bodily injury keeping in view that children have greater tendency to go beyond their limits.

Yoga for Seniors (60 years & over)

This Yoga Class would include very gentle yogic physical movements and gentle breathing exercises. Our studio has performed lot of modifications for those having certain physical limitations. Even the persons who are unable to sit on the floor they can also enjoy the benefits from this class by way of relaxation through simplified movements and relaxing techniques.

Yoga for Teens

As the name suggests this Yoga Class is for those in the age group of 13-19 years. This class is packed with fast dynamic movements and some challenging postures. Teens would love to face the challenge and would soon develop lean, flexible, stronger body with the regular practice of special yogic postures for teens.

Ha Ha Yoga

Laughter is the best medicine! This Yoga Class combines laughter exercises with yogic exercises. This carries all the benefits of yoga , but is especially good as a stress buster and as a mood elevator.

Nada Yoga (Indian Classical Music)

Nada means sound. According to scriptures, nada has played an important role in the formation of this universe. Indian classical music, based on various ragas, is capable of awakening various chakras. Classical music is taught in these classes.

Surya Yoga

The word “Hatha” may be decomposed into “Ha,” meaning “sun,” and “Tha,” meaning “moon” in Sanskrit language. Chandra Yoga is considered to honour feminine energy, while Surya Yoga honours more masculine energy, with both necessary for the proper balance. Surya, or the sun, is the ultimate source of energy and life on this planet. Surya Yoga classes include Surya Namaskaar or Sun Salutation, Surya Traatak or Sun gazing and a lot more.

Chandra Yoga

Chandra Yoga is believed to give many mystical and health benefits. Chandra Namsaker or Moon Salutation channelises lunar energy and induces relaxation and enhance creativity. The exercises are designed to open up the root chakra.

Swara Yoga

Swara Yoga is based on which swara or nostril is active at a particular time. A whole lot of benefits can be derived from controlling and modifying swara.


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