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How are you? I hope you are enjoying your weekend well.

Here is another edition of SAVY Newsletter – SAVY News July 2013.

SAVY stands for the best and the safest in the field of Yoga, Yoga Education, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Research and related fields. It’s heartening to observe that in August, we’ll be entering third year of operation of SAVY International !

Second anniversary of the Opening of SAVY Studio at a physical location in London is just around the corner – on August 8. In 2011, the studio was started at 595 Exeter Road only on August 8. The journey through these two years has had its ups and downs, and has been a great learning experience, the best reward of this journey being ‘YOU’!

We really want to thank you from the core of our heart for continuing your support through the struggles and especially on this auspicious occasion! But for you, it would not have been possible!

As per our capability and ability, we‘ve been trying to give our best to you, including the best possible plans to let you enjoy your love for yoga. Keeping our promise of providing the most economical Yoga Classes in US and Canada, we have more good news for you!

Though the Red Card with a discounted instalment of $68 per month was far from being surpassed in London ON, we decided to make it still better for you.

As a token of our thanks to especially you and, in general, to London, it gives me great pleasure to announce 2nd Anniversary offers.

  1. SAVY Unlimited – 2014, for 12 months, for $499
  2. SAVY Unlimited –6M (July – Dec, 2013), for 6 months, for $299
  3. SAVY Unlimited – 2M, for 2 months, for $129

(HST extra)

These are the minimum rates for yoga classes not only in London, but in whole of Canada and USA!

You can now avail of these options right away. They will be available till August 15 or till quantities last! As limited number of all these vouchers are on offer, I’d rather you better get them sooner than later!

You can shoot me an email to book your card. You can make payment on phone/ online or at the studio.

You can also let your friends know of these unbeatable plans!


In near future, the best way to keep a tap on activities at SAVY will be to subscribe to the website and ‘Like’ the Facebook page. All the new offers and updates will be there.


To give you just a glimpse of what more has been happening at SAVY, here goes a short list:


  1. SAVY Storyline. I had enlisted some of feats that SAVY International has accomplished since its day of inception in SAVY Storyline. More feathers have been added to our cap since!
  2. Fight Cancer. A new program has been launched to help cancer patients. This program combines the beneficial effects of breathing exercises and Surya Yoga and is the first of its kind in the world! We launched this program on 23rd July and it is really drawing a lot of attention from all around the world! Please check the details on the website. Registration is open and we are accepting patients at every stage of the disease. You can help spread the word around!
  3. Yoga Teacher Training is starting in July and registration is still open. We offer one of the most comprehensive RYT 200 programs, registered with Yoga Alliance, USA. Our rates for RYT 200 program are most affordable not only in London On, but also in whole of Canada. Those desirous of getting deeper into Yoga can check out the details here.
  4. Featured SAVY Yogi of the Month. We’ll start posting ‘Featured SAVY Yogi of the Month’ on website soon. Please let me know if you would be interested in relating your experiences at SAVY, and how it helped you in moving towards your personal goals, if at all, and are ready to give some nice yoga poses to be put on the web-page! We can schedule an appointment at the earliest to take some beautiful still photographs and videos.
  5. Partner Businesses. We’ll be starting a ‘Partner Businesses’ page. The partner businesses will be required to give a stipulated discount/ facility to SAVY members holding a valid SAVY Membership Card (Red, Blue or SAVY Year Card). SAVY will be extending the same facility to the clients of the partner businesses. Please write if you would like to participate in this program. Our first partner under this program is dealncouponfinder.com. Please check the website for the latest coupons.
  6. Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ Program. This is a new, refined core program for treatment of diseases with Yoga, especially breathing exercises. We are accepting registration for this program. This program will help people with all kinds of diseases including but not limited to – hypertension, CAD, Diabetes, Joint Pains, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Ataxias, IBD’s so on and so forth…. People with health problems which have been labelled as intractable, chronic, terminal or untreatable are also welcome to join this program. You can start by sharing information about the program with somebody who could use this it, with your friends, colleagues and others. Learn it, do it for 40 days regularly and see the difference for yourself. The Basic program is an essential set of more than 5 different breathing exercises, meditation, mudra and a lot more, all packed in a 15-minute routine! THIS IS THE ONLY PROGRAM OF ITS KIND IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! Not only does it help one achieve positive health, but is also very relevant from Disease Reversal point of view. Yoga is a drug-free treatment modality and is recognised by the World Health Organisation for the purpose. This program does full justice to that aspect of yoga. Please spread the word around.
  7. Disease Reversal with Yoga. This is our umbrella Yoga Therapy package and offers Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ Program and Fight Cancer programs. Specific programs for more dreaded diseases are on cards, but even as of now, we are offering services for all diseases.





  • Our Traditional Yoga classes now have more of Sukshma (Subtle) Yoga and are a lot more useful for overall health. This is the true Yoga for Everyone!


  • SAVY Deep Stretch routines have been totally revamped; we hold Deep Stretch Level I class on Tuesday evening and Deep Stretch Level II class on Friday morning. Check them out and know the difference and the invigorating joy!


  • We have started SAVY Vinyasa B-III classes, and they are a real test of nerves!


  • SAVY Year Card-2014. If you want to attend just one class per week, this card is for you. Limit one card per person per year.


  • BOLLYWOOD DANCE Classes with Priyanka are really entertaining and full of energy. Register for this hip-hop dance now!


  • Priyanka will also be available (by appointment) for HENNA (Mehndi/ Temporary Tattoo) WORK. You can also register for coming Henna Events.




Coming weeks will see increased activity at SAVY: so many updates, new classes, new programs, interesting workshops etc. So, keep in touch.


Continue your practice of Yoga at SAVY and stay happy, healthy and be abundant in life!





Thanks and Regards,

Dr Jitender K Sahdev

D.Sc. (AM), Ph.D. (AM), M.D. (AM)
E-RYT 500 (Yoga Alliance, USA)
Member, IAYT, USA
Fc Surgery (SASMS)
Fc Surgical Oncology (SASMS)

President and Director of Teaching

SAVY International Inc.

South London Yoga Studio:

119-D Exeter Road




Phone Numbers:

Canada : 519 701 2609

Web-site : www.savy-international.com

Facebook page : www/facebook.com/savyinternationalinc

The greatest compliment we can receive is a referral from our valued members and friends like you!

Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

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