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What You Learn In SAVY Yoga Teacher Training Course

SAVY Healing Yoga has the goal of helping people to achieve complete emotional, mental and physical health through yoga – asanas, pranayama, marma, meditaion, mantra etc. This is Breath, Bandhas, Drishti and Alignment based traditional ashtanga Yoga – all these elements of yoga allow people to achieve balance and maintain it more easily while relaxing by building up their prana as their practice grows. SAVY Healing Yoga benefits all aspects of health and personality in totality – asanas and pranayama help one achieve a normal, and then , a more positive health. There are specific routines that are designed to focus an over-all health, and then, routines which have therapeutic effect on different systems of the body. People who are interested in achieving total health and help others achieve total health take SAVY Healing yoga teacher course.


SAVY Healing Yoga, which has very deep roots in India, has been created by me after almost three decades of study of Modern Medicine, all aspects of Yoga and Alternative Medicine. Along with being a practicing Surgeon in India, I have been practicing and teaching Yoga and Yoga Therapy, and Alternative Medicine, for the last almost three decades. Having worked in Neurosurgery and Surgical Oncology, other super-specialities and Surgery in general, gave me a deep insight and a deeper understanding into the working of human body, psyche’ and consciousness and studying yoga gave me a chance to delve deeper into and put the very deep neurophysiological concepts of the science of yoga in the right perspective. I understand it more with each passing moment! In my experience, if practised with proper understanding, it’s the most dynamic science I’ve come across, and the most practical as well, with unlimited potential and immense possibilities. I attempted to give a practical shape to these living, thriving and healing concepts of yoga in the form of SAVY Healing Yoga where we address wellness of the physical body through asanas and pranayama and the mental and spiritual body through pranayama and more advanced concepts of yoga. This is the future of health, wellness and therapeutic sciences brought to you today!


The primary benefits of SAVY Healing Yoga are the complete healing of the mind and the body that it provides. It helps you achieve optimum health in every single dimension, and maintain it. It can be particularly effective for people who are looking to reduce stress and fatigue, and those who are trying to find means to address various health problems. It helps people recover more quickly from injury and illness, physical, mental or psychological.
It teaches how to control activation of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. With regular practice, this allows progressively increasing control of the normal nervous system. The muscles become more relaxed, blood pressure settles down, stress and anxiety disappear, immune system recovers and starts healing the body from inside, mind becomes more calm, outlook becomes more positive, you start seeing solutions to problems which seem to appear out of nowhere, focus improves and consciousness expands. That makes you more complete as a person. The more a person practices SAVY Healing yoga, the less susceptible the body will be to illnesses- psychosomatic or otherwise. It’s a great instrument to help a person achieve optimum health.

We teach you to use your body and mind as props – the best props that there can be! That is what yoga is all about – it makes you aware of the greatness of what you already possess, and learn to use your physical and mental assets to improve further. We don’t advise or encourage any external props in any form or shape. You are a self-sufficient entity, an example of perfection of God’s creations. You are your best prop! We teach you to awaken your own inner powers.

Teaching SAVY Healing Yoga

People who want to start a career as a SAVY Healing yoga teacher must first become certified. The following things are usually part of the curriculum in most classes to become a SAVY Healing yoga teacher:

  • Proper understanding of the history and philosophy of yoga
  • Learning correct yoga postures and putting their importance in the right perspective
  • Proper alignment for optimal energy flow through marmas
  • Understanding of human anatomy and physiology
  • Understanding of yoga anatomy
  • Understanding that yoga is in essence a science of neurophysiology
  • Healing effect of asanas, pranayama and meditation
  • Means to deal with emotional releases and responses during practice
  • Healthy teaching practices
  • Understanding the business of yoga

Dr Jitender K Sahdev

Dr Jitender K Sahdev

Dr Jitender K Sahdev is the founder of SAVY International Inc. and SAVY Healing Yoga, is a Surgeon in India and an E-RYT 500 yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist in Canada. He has more than 51,000 hours of teaching experience. He also designed the safe and potent therapeutic system of breathing exercises to address various health problems – Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ Therapy (DSBH Therapy). At present, he lives and works in London ON.

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