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Fathers' Day


Fathers’ Day

I started yoga for mainly three reasons:

I.            Even as a young child, I saw my Dad doing head-stand and other tough poses and just got curious.

II.            I was introduced to yoga at a very early age and met many famous and inspiring yogis during Yoga camps, mostly organised by my father.

III.            I saw very expert yogis talk about and do things which sounded and looked crazy at the time. Everything started making more sense as I grew up in years and intellect. Even though my father was a famous educationist and administrator, and a name to reckon with in his field, his knowledge and command on so many different subjects impressed me very much, and like thousands of his other students who used to be totally awe-struck, always tried my best to ape him.

That was just the beginning, but later I discovered the importance of yoga when I could survive through many of life’s travails and challenges, one of the most hitting ones of which was his demise, only because of yoga! The path he had shown and the legacy of his values which he stood for and which I witnessed work for him, have helped me immensely in dealing with some of seemingly hopeless challenges in my life and still keep guiding and helping me.

In remembrance and honour of his indomitable spirit on FATHERS’ DAY, here are five reasons why you should take your Dad to SAVY Yoga Studio this Father’s Day and beyond.

  1.  Sukshma (Subtle) Yoga.  All of our B I level classes have lots of subtle yoga, which is the real Yoga for Everyone! He won’t have to stretch and bend looking like a pretzel. These classes include easy-looking poses which everyone can do, with very deep and subtle effect, which go a long way towards warding off lots of health problems. Tell him he’ll be doing one of the safest and most healthful yoga routines at SAVY Studio. Watch the testimonials of others who have been regular at SAVY Yoga and assess the benefits for yourself.
  2. Experienced Faculty.  Yoga, and especially breathing exercises, to be really effective, have to be done with proper technique only. Yoga is a great and very potent tool and that is all the more reason to treat it with tons of respect and care! At SAVY, you get to learn yoga under one of the most qualified and experienced yoga faculty in the whole wide world! So, you can be sure you are learning only the correct techniques.
  3. Different Elements of Yoga.  Asanas or yoga postures are just one element of yoga. Pranayama or the breathing exercises form the bridge between the physical body and other sheaths. At SAVY, your father will automatically follow one of the most complete yoga routines including Pranayama, Meditation, marma, AUM Chanting and a lot more.
  4. Energy.  Let him do the right kind of exercises with right technique, under expert guidance, and he’ll tell you how much energy he feels after each class. This is something very peculiar to our yoga classes: after a good workout, you feel more energised instead of feeling exhausted! Let him experience all that energy which he might have been missing out on.
  5. Balance and Confidence.  Yoga is a low-impact exercise routine. It acts mainly by achieving hormonal balance in the body through very subtle mechanism. That helps one maintain optimum muscle strength, bone density, cardiovascular health, peace of mind and bestows one with a lithe and fully functional body. No more trouble bending over to tie his shoe laces! That independence goes a long way in boosting his confidence and self-respect.

In addition to the routine yoga classes, he can also make use of other services at SAVY.

 Sanjeevani-Infusing Inspiring Life, The art and Science of Living.  This new 30 minute Yoga routine based on Jitendra Pranayama Series is a real gift of life for anyone! This is a true yogic panacea of life. With more than 10 different life-giving breathing techniques, meditation routine and a lot more, this is a unique program to stay fit and achieve fitness. Peace of mind is important for everyone no matter what your age. He might be resistant at first but remind him how you always tried everything he asked you to try growing up, and look, how fantastic you turned out!

In India, the land of origin of Yoga and other great sciences, Yoga has always been more of a male-dominated thing. Bring him to SAVY Studio to try one class, find inspired company which is truly encouraging and fall in love with yoga! You might think you’re providing inspiration for your dad and initially you may be right. But you’ll probably be even more inspired by him. Take your dad to class and witness his ability to listen to his body, increase flexibility, build strength and bliss out!

To help you provide a gift of life to him, we have a special promotional on for all the fathers.

Sign up for Red Card and we’ll reward you with a hefty 20% off for being an ideal ward!

The offer is on till June 16 midnight.

Click here and claim your FATHERS’ DAY gift!


Happy Father’s Day in advance to all the amazing dads out there!



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