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Happy Canada Day



A VERY HAPPY CANADA DAY to you from all of us at SAVY!

This is our 4th Canada Day together, and I thank you all for all the trust and faith you have placed in SAVY, a 100% Canadian incorporated company! We can assure you this trust is very well-placed and coming years will see the full unravelling of more layers of our sacred commitment.

With kind and loving support from Londoners, SAVY has been moving from strength to strength! SAVY has progressed from one to three Studios spread around London. For all that SAVY has accomplished during these years, please check SAVY Storyline here.

At its inception, SAVY was conceived to be an island of excellence for Yoga and esp. Yoga Therapy. In line with our ideals, perfection in whatever we offer is more of a habit than a matter of convenience or business sense. We don’t compromise on the quality of our work! Period! Perfection, by definition, is not achievable, but we have been striving hard to stand up to the highest standards of professionalism, perfection, excellence and morality; some of this excellence we have been able to put on the table, rest of it we’ll bring to your service as soon as we are able to overcome rest of the challenges by the grace of God Almighty and your kind support!

 In line with our promises, SAVY brings much more to you at the most affordable prices. Here is what all we have on offer for you:


Happy Canada Day

In our way of wishing you a very HAPPY CANADA DAY, we bring another incredible offer to keep you in shape. Please click on the image to find more details of this offer. This offer is open for everyone!





London's Best Yoga




Here is another GREAT OFFER for those who want to join Yoga for the first time. Please encourage your friends to take this offer and try yoga with us at SAVY.






We bring these specifically designed classes more suitable for the 50+ friends.

Please check the details by clicking on the image.

We also offer on-site classes. If you have a small group (>5) and want to be taught at your place, please contact us. We’ll make arrangements for you under the supervision of the best in the business!










As you know, SAVY International Inc is a registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance and has the highest ranking of RYS 500, which means we can train Yoga Teachers up to the highest rank. For those who are interested in adopting Yoga Teaching as a career,  our RYT 200 courses are starting on August 1, 2014 and September 1, 2014 in a 4-week format. We are accepting students for week-end format RYT 200 also, which starts on August 1, 2014 and January, 2015. Registration is open for all these courses.

And we offer all these courses at the most economical rates in Canada!





Free Yoga Teacher Training


Also, we are offering 100% sponsorship for RYT 200 through FREE YOGA TEACHER TRAINING CONTEST. Please check the details to participate. Best of luck for the contest!








Breathe and Heal


This is science of the future brought to you today! 

DSBH Therapy or Dr Sahdev’s Breathe and Heal Therapy is a Yoga Therapy program based on the healing effect of breathing exercises and other elements of yoga. This is the FIRST TRULY CANADIAN BREATHING EXERCISES PROGRAM!


Also, we are now accepting students for DSBH Therapy Educator program, which happens to be the FIRST TRULY CANADIAN BREATHING EDUCATOR PROGRAM!






Medical research has shown that breathing exercises play a big role in controlling stress, anxiety, depression and other mental and mood disorders. All this is very well documented.

Based on DSBH Therapy, we offer FREE INTRODUCTORY SESSIONS at work places, corporate offices and to any large groups.

Please contact us today to book a date for a Free Breathing Exercises Introductory session at your work-place.









Fight Cancer

Recent medical research has proven the relevance of Yoga, esp. breathing exercises in Cancer management, though I have been a witness to much more profound effects of breathing exercises. Being a Surgical Oncologist in India, helping cancer patients and guiding cancer survivors has always been a passion with me!

Fight Cancer is the sum total of all the experience and knowledge accumulated over the past almost three decades of dedicated work in Surgery, Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Alternative modalities of treatment.

Under this and our SAVY Yoga Cancer Support Services, we are accepting cancer patients for Yoga Therapy with any stage, any type of cancer.






Priyanka, a fantastic Henna artist, brings you the beauty of Henna Art!  

Henna is a beautiful form of body art that embodies purity and centuries of religious symbolism and cultural traditions, from many parts of the world. Lately it has been adapted as a popular substitute to tattooing, as the henna pattern will last up to a week and resemble a tattoo. Today henna is seen as a versatile art medium like any other for creative expression. Safe for your skin and soothing to your senses. 

Please click on the image to get your ticket for the the Henna Event.




Also, please check the website for workshops on different diseases under Yoga Therapy and DSBH Therapy. More workshops will be announced soon.




Please click on this Happy Face to know more about breathing exercises for Stress and Anxiety and the upcoming workshop.










Please click on the image to know some useful exercises for Asthma and Allergies and the upcoming workshops.









Please click on the icon to know about some useful exercises Cancer Care and the upcoming workshops.






There is a lot more coming : some new courses in Yoga Education, meditation classes, Special Yoga Classes, Workshops, targeted Yoga Therapy programs, some short and long Yoga Retreats to keep you entertained and healthy, and tons more! Coming days are going to witness lots more activity at your SAVY Studios. So, talk to you very soon again!

Please keep sending in your valuable suggestions; they help us in fine-tuning services at SAVY according to your tastes and needs.

Please spread the word about our world-class services and add your friends to our mailing list or give a reference.

Keep practicing yoga and lead a healthy, happy life! Yoga is for you!


Have a nice time and see you soon at SAVY Studios!

Happy Canada Day once again!



Thanks and Regards,
Dr Jitender K Sahdev

D.Sc. (AM), Ph.D. (AM), M.D. (AM)
E-RYT 500 (Yoga Alliance, USA)
Member, IAYT, USA
Fc Surgery (SASMS)
Fc Surgical Oncology (SASMS)

President and Director of Teaching

SAVY International Inc.

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