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Yoga Month 2015

Celebrating Yoga Month – September

Yoga Month 2015  


September is International Yoga Month. Yoga is considered a great force to build both mental and physical strength. In a bid to attract more people towards yoga and making them aware of yoga benefits, SAVY International Inc is celebrating International Yoga Month in September.

SAVY Studio, one of London’s most favored Yoga Studios, offers 12 wonderful ways to one and all to celebrate International Yoga month.

#1 Enjoy Yoga Classes at SAVY at a drop-in rate of just $5

New students can celebrate Yoga Month by attending a Yoga classes at $5 drop-in rate at SAVY Studio. If you want to give yoga a try, now is your chance. Fill up the Registration Form online now and claim your free class of SAVY Yoga, and continue with wonderful palns at SAVY Studio.

#2 Learn Fundamentals of Yoga

Join our Fundamentals of Yoga series, beneficial for a novice and an expert alike, and learn basic Yoga poses, breathing exercises and more. Also learn and practice correct way to do Surya Namaskar under our Yoga Fundamentals series.

#3 Educate yourself on the health benefits of yoga

Educate yourself on the health benefits of yoga in one or more of the following ways:

  • Read articles on this website about yoga poses (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), kriyas, mudras etc and keep yourself updated.
  • Learn what the Mayo Clinic has to say on the positive things that yoga can do.
  • The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has a page dedicated to yoga.

#4 Teach someone else to do yoga

If you have already learnt the correct yoga at SAVY Studio, give back by teaching your children, a friend, another family member or a colleague.

#5 Buy a yoga gift for yourself

If you have not done it already, buy yourself a Yoga Class Card or Unlimited Yoga Card, or get a Gift Certificate for somebody else. Check promotional offers at the studio.

#6 Give a Yoga Gift

Get a Yoga mat for yourself or someone you care about and let him/ her improve quality of life with yoga.

#7 Learn a new yoga pose (asana)

If you already practice yoga, try something different by learning a new asana. You may even find a new favorite.

#8 Download free Primordial Sound Chant

Get into meditation by listening to ‘AUM’ chanting recorded in Dr Jitender K Sahdev’s mesmerizing, mellifluous and melodious voice. Download it, sit in a quiet corner, play it, sing along and experience the bliss. Register for our Primordial Sound meditation classes starting soon.

#9 Deepen your yoga practice

You know yoga already but you want to learn more! Sign up for a Yoga Educational course at SAVY. It’s easy with online option and payment plans. Learn more about breathing exercises by joining Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ Program and live life to your full potential.

#10 Try Special Yoga Classes, Workshops, Yoga Massages, Marma Therapy, Yoga Nutrition, Mantra, Vedic Astrology

Yoga is too vast. Yoga can give you whatever you ask for. Try some different Special Classes, or deepen your knowledge with workshops on special topics.

#11 Spread the word

Tell your friends about SAVY Yoga and encourage them join yoga classes. If someone in your circle has health issues, let them know about Yoga Therapy services at SAVY and the pioneering programs like:

These programs can help in every disease under the sun! We offer Yoga Therapy as complementary treatment.

Be a SAVY Ambassador and help others more actively. Send us your details and join our team.

#12 Be a Healer Now

Are you passionate about healing others? We have so many programs to help you help others. Contact us today.


Enjoy yoga at SAVY in these 12 wonderful ways to celebrate Yoga Month!

Steps to claim your Drop-in Yoga Classes in Yoga Month:

  • Get your free voucher for Yoga Month below.
  • You can purchase as many classes as you want at just $5 per class. You can pay at the Studio.
  • Go to and fill up and submit Registration Form online.
  • Email/ call SAVY Studio to let us know you are coming.

Get your FREE TICKET here:

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