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It gives me great pleasure to share SAVY Storyline with you. SAVY International has come a long way since the day of  its inception in 2011! With an unrivalled fortune to be at the forefront of  medical science for almost three decades in India, and learning of Yoga and allied branches through the Guru-Shishya parampara, and Alternative Medicine to back and support it all, we started with a vision and aspiration of creating an island of excellence for Yoga Science in London ON, and not just another run-of-the-mill Yoga studio, and that has been the essence of SAVY Storyline till date.

From its

  • registration in 2011 as a Canadian business,
  • to starting teaching Yoga in North London in 2011,
  • to opening its first registered International branch in India in April 2011,
  • to opening of its Studio in South London in August 2011,
  • its incorporation in August, 2012,
  • seeing some more stabilisation into June 2013,
  • to becoming an international Yoga Education hub offering WORLD’S MOST ECONOMICAL RYT-200 program since 2013,
  • to becoming a Yoga Therapy center being run under one of the most qualified and experienced faculty in the wold,

the journey has been quite lively, challenging, eventful, testing to the limits at times, but very fruitful, productive, and every inch worth its march forward nonetheless!

The kind patronage, loving support, inherent goodness and all-out co-operation of Londoners, which has made this possible, overwhelms me. We have come some distance, and have many more very eventful miles to go together: what follows below is just a recapitulation of salient milestones of our journey together so far, giving you a glimpse of fruition of our adventurous excursions, and an idea of what our free and unshackled flight is going to be like into the vast uncharted skies and unbundled divings into unfathomed seas in future together, anchored only by our unscathed and unflinching faith in your unconditional love and support!

SAVY International Inc, headed by one of the most qualified Faculty in the world, is the first Yoga School in the world to launch:

  • A healing/ therapy program based on breathing exercises and Sun-gazing – DSBH Therapy (Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ Therapy), the first CANADIAN BREATHING EXERCISES PROGRAM!
  • A program for cancer patients/ survivors based on breathing exercises and Sun-gazing – ‘Fight Cancer’ program, again, the FIRST CANADIAN YOGA BREATHING PROGRAM FOR CANCER CARE.
  • Yoga Therapy programs based on Yoga with Intention in Meditation (YIM) for treatment of diseases and Self-development.
  • The first yoga school in the world to offer Yoga Alliance registered SAVY 200 (RYT 200) program in a hybrid – online and contact program, format.

SAVY also offers the most economical RYT 200 program in the world!

Also, SAVY International Inc has been the First Yoga School in London ON:

  • To get RYS 500 designation from Yoga Alliance, USA (Now, RYS 200 and RYS 300)
  • To become a Member School of IAYT, USA
  • To introduce Yoga Therapy courses
  • To introduce Yoga Therapy Programs for Major Illnesses
  • To introduce Yoga Challenge Program
  • To introduce 50+ Yoga
  • To introduce Marma Therapy (Indian Pressure Points Therapy)
  • To introduce Yoga for Face
  • To introduce Self-Marma Massage
  • To introduce Pulse Diagnosis
  • To introduce Primordial Sound Meditation
  • To introduce Mantra Therapy and Meditation
  • To introduce Nada Yoga and Therapy
  • To introduce Sukshma Yoga Classes
  • To introduce Deep Stretch Yoga Classes
  • To introduce Sun/ Moon Salutation Classes
  • To introduce Yoga for Chakra & Kundalini Awakening
  • To introduce Yoga Nidra Classes
  • To introduce ‘Mind over Matter’ Yoga
  • To introduce Yoga for Men
  • To introduce Ayurvedic/ Yoga Body Massages
  • To introduce Ayurvedic/ Yoga Head Massages
  • To introduce Marma, Mantra and Pranayama in routine Yoga Classes
  • To introduce Vedic Astrology


First to introduce Bollywood & Bhangra Dance Classes in London ON.

And there is a lot more to see the light of the day soon!

Thank you for your support!

Dr Jitender K Sahdev
Dr Jitender K Sahdev








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