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SAVY Yoga at Waterloo Street

Downtown London SAVY Yoga – Breathe and Heal

SAVY Yoga is now being offered at three different locations in London ON : South London, Downtown London and North London. To serve London in a better way, instead of serving some run-of-the-mill pseudo-yoga routines, we offer some very useful Yoga/ Pranayama routines, ranging from gentle to very challenging routines, for a beginner to an advanced student alike. In this series we’ll be giving introduction to these classes one by one and what benefits you can derive from these innovative, all-new, all-yoga routines based on authentic Ashtanga Yoga.


Breathe  and Heal class is based on our popular Yoga Therapy program – Dr Sahdev’s ‘Breathe and Heal’ Program.

Controlling your breath is a strong remedy against a wide range of sufferings. Done optimally and with correct technique, your breath can activate your nervous system, optimise glandular secretions, boost the body immunity and rehabilitation process and fight illness, stress and pain. You can elevate your energy level and bring more joy into your life! This art and science of living could truly be a LIFE TRANSFORMING experience for you in the safest possible way.

This breathing exercises routine is designed to get your health back on track, and to address all health ailments – the simplest to even the most complex ones. It is more about scientific, efficient and effective breathing through correct breathing techniques, and recharging your body with the pure, unadulterated energy.

The breathing techniques included in the program have been tested medically and have been proven to be a natural, safe, drug-free and effective way to relieve, control or eliminate the symptoms of various diseases, like Asthma, Allergies, Stress-related disorders, Panic Attacks, Diabetes, Hypertension, CAD, Lipid Disorders, Auto-immune disorders, Brain Degenerative Disorders, Ataxias, Fatigue, Sleep Disorders, Mood Disorders, Irritability, Snoring, Cancer, Tumours, Side-effects of Medicines, the list is endless….

 Learn the ways to lead a long, healthy, disease-free life.

Learn how to regain your health if you’ve lost it or how to maintain the excellent health that you currently enjoy, and even slow down premature ageing.

Based on effective breathing techniques, validated by the stringent test of time and the millions who tried them, and backed and refined by Dr Sahdev’s almost three decades of superlative clinical experience at the fore-front of main-stream Medicine in India, inspired by his work in Surgical Oncology, Neurosurgery and other Super Specialities at premier medical institutes in India, his study and work in other Alternative modalities and Yoga, and an input of thousands of hours of educated and qualified clinical research and its deep analysis in India, these breathing and other techniques have been proved to actually deliver!

Modern Science has started discovering the wonders that can be achieved with Yoga and Pranayama, the science of breathing exercises, very recently, and already the results that are coming out are amazing! Here is what some of the recent studies have concluded:

  1. Brain Growth: According to a Harvard study, when controlled breathing is used during meditation, it can actually increase the size of the brain. Meditation that involves focusing one’s attention on the breath has the capacity to increase cortical thickness.
  2. Prevent Heart Attack: Low heart rate variability has been associated with a greater risk of heart attacks. A 2012 study found that deep breathing practices can improve heart rate variability in healthy test subjects.
  3. Lower Stress: Shallow breathing is a sign of stress and ‘fight or flight’ sign of the body. Sitting quietly and focussing on your breathing helps your body achieve a state of calm, shifting from functioning from sympathetic nervous system ( characterized by drive, fight, flight and ambition) to the parasympathetic nervous system (relax and receive).
  4. Get rid of Negative Emotions: We feel short of breath during times of panic or stress. This is the body’s natural reaction to a perceived threat. Focusing on breathing can help to alleviate anxiety, symptoms of depression, and other negative emotions. Last year, Australian researchers found that deep breathing 30 minutes before a performance effectively reduced musicians’ performance anxiety.
  5. Reduce Examination Phobia: A 2007 study published in the journal ‘Teaching and Learning in Medicine’ found that students who practiced deep-breathing meditation before an exam reported perceiving less anxiety, self-doubt and concentration loss than the students who did not practice deep breathing .
  6. Lower Blood Pressure: Taking slow, deep breaths for just a few minutes a day could help lower your blood pressure, according to Dr. David Anderson of the National Institutes of Health. While researchers have observed that slow, deep breaths can help to relax and temporarily dilate blood vessels, they don’t yet know precisely why deep breathing has the capacity to cause a lasting drop in blood pressure.
  7. Gene Expression: A recent study found that mind-body practices like yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises can trigger the body’s “relaxation response,” a physiological state of deep relaxation that alters the way it responds to stress. This state can counter the negative effects of stress for people with health conditions like anxiety and hypertension, by actually altering the expression of genes in the immune system.

Yogis knew all this and much more for thousands of years , without any million or billion dollar labs at their disposal!


  • Designed and researched by Dr Jitender K Sahdev, a well-trained, well-qualified doctor in Modern Medicine, equally qualified and well-conversant with Yoga and other alternative systems, who has studied as well as taught this all for almost three decades
  • A unique fusion of modern scientific inquiry and ancient sciences and wisdom
  • Fruit of almost three decades of diligent, systematic and painstaking study and clinical research
  • Based on breathing exercises which have been proven to heal, and some very specific postures, and more
  • One of the most effective breathing and healing routines
  • A very well-designed Pranayama routine, easy to comprehend and follow
  • Under supervision of one of the most qualified Yoga faculty in the world
  • Learn this routine to regain, maintain or improve your health

Natural, Safe, Drug-free, Effective

 Learn all that directly under one of the most qualified faculty in the world!

Breathe and Heal Class daily at Downtown London SAVY Healing Yoga Studio

This class is available as a package only. Drop-ins not allowed for this class. Please Pre-Register at least one day before for the class.

Please check the full schedule of classes through London Yoga Classes page.

Sign up today and live life to your full potential.

Call or email for any inquiries.

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