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Stress and Anxiety Care Workshop


Bringing your nervous system back into balance

Stress is necessary for life. Like finely-tuned strings of a guitar, you need stress for creativity, learning, and your very survival. Stress is harmful only when it becomes overwhelming and interrupts the healthy state of equilibrium that your nervous system needs to remain in balance. Unfortunately, overwhelming stress has become an increasingly common characteristic of contemporary life.

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What do I learn in a Stress and Anxiety Care Workshop?

You will learn about stress, anxiety, their symptoms, their pathogenesis according to Modern Medicine and the Yoga/ Ayurveda perspective. You’ll also be given an overview of all major modalities of treatment available. You’ll be given an overview of the role of mindfulness and breathing exercises in these diseases. We’ll introduce you to a system of mindfulness and breathing retraining which delivers immediate and sustained improvement for people with stress and/ or anxiety, based on DSBH Therapy and Dr. Sahdev’s clinical work in India spanning over three decades. This system is:

  • Scientific basis – based on the standard medical principles of respiration, guidelines of the science of breathing-Pranayama and supported by research
  • Natural – it’s all natural and no supplements, vitamins, pills are advised
  • Drug-free – categorically no drugs are involved in any form
  • Potent – as medical research into their effectivity has shown so far, these methods are quite effective and potent, and in good hands and with proper guidance, success rate is quite predictable
  • Effective – these breathing exercises significantly decrease stress, anxiety, insomnia symptoms
  • Safe – we follow international best practice guidelines


How is it beneficial to me?

Stress and Anxiety Care Workshop will give you an overview of stress and anxiety management and introduce you to some basic breathing exercises in DSBH Therapy (full program offered in separate workshops) for  breathing re-training which is completely natural, safe, potent, effective and totally drug-free. You receive advice on management of stress and anxiety. If you are suffering from Insomnia, Panic Attacks or Sleep Apnoea the appropriate advice will be applicable to improve these specific conditions too. The Workshop teaches you breathing techniques and strategies which help you to optimise breathing. The aim is to learn breathing patterns to help you become a normal healthy person again. Normalising the breathing pattern in this way results in a decline in symptoms and need for medication.


Expected Outcome with exercises in DSBH Therapy

  • Significant reduction in/or elimination of stress and anxiety medications
  • Significant reduction in/or elimination of stress and anxiety symptoms and attacks
  • Decreased reliance on/or elimination of, sleep apnoea appliances such as CPAP machines and mandibular advancement splints.
  • Symptomatic relief of other psycho-somatic disorders
  • Increased stamina and energy levels, better work performance, improved sleep
  • Decreased stress levels, increased happiness

Who does this workshop help?

The workshop is most useful for those people who are prepared to take time and responsibility to control their problems. The workshop will be useful to anybody who can follow instructions, do breathing exercises and wants to learn more about his/ her problems and is open to newer medically-documented solutions. It is useful for people with all types and degrees of severity of stress and anxiety as well as people with other disorders such as insomnia, snoring, sleep apnoea and panic attacks. It is also effective in reducing chronic fatigue.  It works for those who are and remain willing and motivated to act upon the advice given in the workshop.


The Personal Cost of Stress and Anxiety and related conditions

More than 80% diseases are psycho-somatic. Every year many people with stress and anxiety-related conditions suffer from ill effects and even physical incapacity, fatigue, time off work or school with a poor quality of life, ongoing financial expenses and a deteriorating condition. People with SLEEP APNOEA have an increased risk for cardiovascular illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart attack and strokes, and in addition, SLEEP APNOEA is associated with a higher risk for road accidents due to daytime sleepiness. Learning DSBH Therapy will provide you with the knowledge and skills to get back your health and your life.


What does Stress and Anxiety Care Workshop entail?

Stress and Anxiety Care Workshop consists of two hours of teaching. Clients learn some exercises to retrain their breathing to enable them to breathe correctly. Improvement generally commences within the first 24 hours.


Top Ten Reasons to attend Stress and Anxiety Care Workshop and other Workshops at SAVY

1. Highest standards of Professionalism, Qualifications and Experience 

It’s vital to learn correct and proper techniques for breathing exercises. Dr. Jitender K Sahdev, President at SAVY International Inc. and creator of Yoga and Pranayama programs at SAVY, has been working in India as a Physician for the last almost three decades, is one of the most qualified and experienced Yoga experts in the world with an E-RYT 500 from Yoga Alliance, USA, is a Yoga Therapist and a member of International Association of Yoga Therapists, USA, and has M.D., Ph.D. and D.Sc. degrees in Alternative Medicine. He has worked in Neurosurgery, Surgical Oncology, Critical Care, and many other Super Specialities in India. The programs are a result of a lifetime of the most exhaustive experience in Medicine, Alternative Medicine and Yoga. SAVY International Inc. is an RYS 200 and RYS 300 yoga school. Our registered yoga teachers have the highest ranks as yoga teachers, are Yoga Therapists and are trained and experienced DSBH Educators as well.  We train yoga teachers, yoga therapists, Marma Therapists, DSBH Educators etc.

2. Pre-Workshop Consultations are free

Our 15 minute pre-workshop consultations are free. We listen to you. Book your pre-workshop consultation now!

3.Proven Workshop Formats

The workshop gives you a lot of information which is amazing in practical application. It consists of procedures and breathing exercises which are considered very useful. We strive to bring the most comprehensive knowledge and proven application techniques to you.

4.Individualized approach

You get individual attention and all your questions are answered and concerns addressed. We have age-appropriate programs for children.

5.Competitive Cost

We offer the best value for money services. Free pre-workshop consultation, free Question-Answer sessions after workshop and training material for workshop. Under one of the most qualified faculty in the world, with one of the best programs, our costs are most competitive.

6.We Listen

Your feedback is a very important to us. We understand psychological and emotional aspects of dealing with a chronic health condition, and we use a persistent, but non-stressful, approach. Your co-operation is of paramount importance.

7.Best Support in Industry

We believe in a long and congenial Client – Practitioner relationship. All messages, emails and enquires are answered promptly.


We are result-oriented and committed to work given the willingness and commitment on your part too.

9.We welcome a dialog with your Health-Care Provider

We understand that searching for the best available options is a goal of any chronic health condition management. Information about our programs and DSBH therapy is available on our website for your health care provider.

10.We are flexible 

We understand the demands of modern life and respect your time. We’ll try our best to be flexible and accommodate your schedule.


An Overview of what you learn in Stress and Anxiety Care Workshop

This programme will give you a better understanding, a sense of control and an improved quality of life right from Day 1. Practised regularly, with commitment, what you learn here will produce improvements in every area of life.

Hour 1

  • filling up of registration form
  • introduction to stress and anxiety
  • understanding the problems
  • introduction to disease monitoring

Hour 2    

  • observe your breathing pattern and the effect of correct posture on breathing
  • the importance of, and how to maintain 24 hour nasal breathing, even during sleep
  • Introduction to DSBH Therapy and the concept of Breath Holding Time (BHT)
  • learn and practise up to three vital breathing and  mind/body relaxation techniques

Question- Answer Session

feedback – we check your results to make sure you are practising correctly.

DSBH Therapy – optional but STRONGLY recommended!

As an expert, your practitioner understands the importance of full-fledged training program, follow-up, support and encouragement on the road to recovery. We are committed to providing you as much help as you need to achieve your personal health goals. You are encouraged to register for DSBH Therapy Workshop and go further on the road to recovery.

We also recommend making use of other specialised services available at SAVY Studio.

Note : You should check with your health care professional before starting this or any new exercise program or breathing routine. This is especially important if you have any pre-existing health conditions, such as high blood pressure, migraines or heart or lung ailments. Women who are pregnant or think they might be pregnant should consult their physician before performing any of the breathing or physical exercises.

The information contained in the program is not intended to serve as a replacement for professional medical advice. Any use of the information in these programs/ workshops is at the reader’s discretion, risk and responsibility. The studio, author and the publisher specifically disclaim any and all liability arising directly or indirectly from the use or application of any information contained herein. A health care professional should be consulted regarding your specific situation.

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